Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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The Customer Journey Of A Lifetime
A Customer Experience Magazine Article

Journeys aren’t about one moment. Take, for instance, holidays. While for most of us, fun starts after check-in, the holiday begins long before. From the first flight or hotel search, travelers set off on a path to the main event that includes many interactions. Each of which provides an opportunity for brands to offer relevant, engaging experiences. The issue, however, is that…keep reading.

Why Empowered Marketers Will Own The Customer Experience In 2020
A MarketingTech Article

By 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake both price and product as a key brand differentiator. A 280-character Twitter post, Instagram snap or Facebook update from a disgruntled consumer can destroy a brand’s long-built reputation and performance in an instant, so brands must deliver a consistent, connected, competitive customer experience. Those businesses that get this right are rewarded: 68% of…keep reading.

How To Make An AI Project More Likely To Succeed
A Harvard Business Review Article

A recent survey by Deloitte of “aggressive adopters” of cognitive technologies found that 76% believe that they will “substantially transform” their companies within the next three years. There probably hasn’t been this much excitement about a new technology since the dotcom boom years in the late 1990s. The possibilities would seem to justify the hype. AI isn’t just one technology, but a wide array of tools, including a number of different algorithmic approaches, an abundance of new data sources, and advancement in hardware. In the future, we will see…keep reading.  

Publishers Complain GDPR Consent Signals Are Ignored By Ad Buyers
A Digiday Article

Publishers are concerned that signals that inform ad buyers when users have given their consent to be served personalized ads are not being passed correctly across the digital ad supply chain. Several publishers have said they’ve lost ad revenue as a result. These consent signals, which have become critical under the General Data Protection Regulation, are passed by publisher consent management platforms…keep reading.

15 Questions To Ask Employees If You Want Them To Be More Engaged
A Forbes Article

Measuring engagement at work is quite difficult. It’s not like managers can read employees minds, so the best way to find out how to engage employees is to ask. But what is the most effective question to ask to get a useful answer? We asked members of the Forbes Coaches Council what question should they ask their team members to gain insight as to their engagement with their job and with the company. The answers given…keep reading.

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