Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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The Rise Of The DD CMO: How Data-Driven CMOs Are Maximizing Performance
A MarTech Today Article

The role of the modern CMO continues to evolve as it envelops new industry trends. According to Forbes, marketing contributes 50 percent of all enterprise value, and the task list for a CMO often extends beyond its traditional remit and into the realms of customer experience, data strategy and change management across the business. This makes it an incomparably challenging position, tasked with creating steady profitability from…keep reading.

The DNA Of A Successful CMO
A CMS Wire Article

Organizations are moving faster than ever to digitally transform. While this probably won’t come as a surprise, their motivations might. Smart brands today are accelerating their digital transformations not to stay ahead of the competition, but to stay ahead of their customers, whose rising expectations continue to be set by the major tech players, such as Amazon, Apple…keep reading.

Why Advertisers Must Use Next Generation Mobile Technology Responsibly
A MarketingTech News Article

In advance of each iteration of a manufacturer’s smartphone, speculation is rife as to what new technology will be included and how this will enhance our lives. What is clear from the range of smartphones that are currently available, along with predictions about future models, is that screen size is a critical way to gain a competitive advantage. As mobile devices become ever more intertwined into modern lifestyles, developments like this are hardly surprising. Bigger screens should make…keep reading.

What Is A Data Engineer? An Analytics Role In High Demand
A CIO Article

Data engineers are responsible for finding trends in data sets and developing algorithms to help make raw data more useful to the enterprise. This IT role requires a significant set of technical skills, including a deep knowledge of SQL database design and multiple programming languages. But data engineers also need communication skills to work across departments to understand what business leaders want to gain from the company’s large datasets. Data engineers are often responsible for building algorithms to help give easier access to raw data, but to do this, they need to…keep reading.

The Key To Unlocking Print’s Future Lies In Data And It’s Direct Mail Past
A The Drum Article

There are new layers of complexity within today’s 24-hour news cycle thanks to digital, real-time interactions and mobile. However, the solutions that exist for reaching and engaging consumers in this new paradigm are not new and remain valuable today. Companies across industries simply need to understand how the print channel has changed and evolved with digital demand Publishers could learn a lot by looking at the evolution of direct mail and the data-driven techniques that…keep reading.

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