Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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How The California Consumer Privacy Act Aims To Put An End To The Data Wild West
An ExchangeWire Article

Despite a monumental build up, the EU GDPR may not have made quite the splash the industry expected – it rather depends on who you ask. However, what it has done, is set the wheels in motion for other countries, such as Brazil, to adopt similar legislation. One in particular, which is starting to take data privacy very seriously, is the U.S. Multiple states have…keep reading.

Six Ways You Should Be Using Market Intelligence
A MarTech Series Article

With buyer data at an all-time high, it’s ironic that many B2B marketers still rely on gut feel and hindsight over knowledge and insight. We’ve found that many brands are essentially gambling on six of the most important aspects of strategy development and implementation. But it would be much better to apply market intelligence and get more scientific with…keep reading.

Industry Specialist vs Generalist: Questions To Ask When Hiring A Data Scientist
A CMS Wire Article

Data scientists come in many flavors. When you overlay industry knowledge considerations, it can be overwhelming (and challenging) to find individuals who best fit your needs. Here are some questions that can help open your eyes to a broader range of candidates, or conversely narrow your needs down to what is truly important and help you…keep reading.

Yes, Data Is The New Oil In The Digital Economy
An information week Article

Like the Model-T at the turn of the last century, AI is at the forefront of innovation. It connects nearly every person on Earth. And, like the Model-T, AI needs fuel to run. Massive amounts of data fuel AI and tell it everything it must do, and feed it the knowledge it needs to continue to evolve. Without data, AI is just a dormant…keep reading.

32 Favorite Books of High Achievers
An Article

Escape, ideas for self-improvement and inspiration often come in the form of a good book. And according to top executives, there are specific books powerful and successful executives recommend everyone read. They are all varied and aimed in their approach to…keep reading.

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