As marketers, we’re familiar with marketing to our customers based on demographics and how they’re engaging with our brand. But as 2017 brings a new age of customer dynamics where emotional connections to brands play a bigger role in decision making than ever before, we need to look for new ways to deliver agile, customer-obsessed strategies.

As part of the MarTech Challenge Series, our strategists were challenged to use APIs to target visitors based on weather forecasts. In this video, Dan George, Solution Consulting Operation Manager for Tealium, explains how this customer-obsessed strategy can be solved.

Advertising Against Weather Forecast

Imagine what else is possible with universally connected customer data.

Tealium wants to make the MarTech industry a little less daunting, one challenge at a time. Our team and technology are committed to empowering brands to solve the large data problems they face every day. Whether that’s helping to integrate numerous marketing vendors or stitching together visitor data across devices, we continuously work to enable users to create comprehensive customer profiles and a seamless brand experience through the Customer Data Hub.

Have a MarTech Challenge you need help solving? Submit your own challenge today and stay tuned for these upcoming videos:

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Meghan Whinery
Meghan is the Senior Director of Growth at Tealium

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