Whether you’re evaluating your existing tag management solution or looking to implement a new one, there are many features to consider beyond the fundamentals of tag management. In our recent webinar, we discussed ‘10 Things your Tag Manger Should be Able to Do,’ but our list is longer and we want to share more. 

So here are the 25 things we think your tag manager should be able to do.

1. Data Layer w/ Wizard
The Data Layer is probably the most important first step to building a real tag management strategy – it contains the superset of data that describe your pages, your products, everything. Without a model for how to think about your customer interaction data, you cannot unite your applications around common definitions.

With Tealium’s wizard-driven interface, you can easily create an amazing data layer with the most important elements for e-commerce, video, search tracking, and more.

2. Natively Work with Every Major CMS and E-Commerce Platform
What if you use Demandware or IBM Websphere or Magento or Adobe Experience Manager or really any of the other amazing CMS or e-commerce platforms? Well, we’ve got a plug-in for each one that builds the data layer and embeds Tealium iQ right into the pages. Neat, huh?

3. Scan and Find Missing Tags
Let’s say you implement a tag manager but then suspect that there are pages on your website with orphaned tags on them. How do you find them? That’s what Tealium’s Verify feature is all about.

4. Detect Missing Variables
You launch a redesign of your product pages but someone forgets to include the SKU variable. That nifty Verify feature will help you find that problem before it becomes, well, a problem.

5. Add Data Layer Elements from your Browser
What if you’re on your site and you realize you want to create a new data layer element? Boom. Done.

6. Use Resource Locks to Protect Unwanted Changes
Remember that time Jen on the marketing team changed the definition of “order total?” Yeah… that’s why you need Resource Locks. Lock it down by preventing unauthorized users from making changes to elements like data sources, load rules, tags, extensions, etc.

7. Create a Load Rule Based on Anything your Heart Desires
Load this tag on these pages, not when there’s a campaign ID, starting next month and only when this cookie is present. Done.

8. A/B Split Test your Vendors
Which retargeting solution is best for you? You know what? No one knows until you test it. So split them up and see which provides the best conversion lift.

9. Implement all the Tags you Need Without Any JavaScript
Tag managers are good. But tag managers that don’t rely on JavaScript are the best. Tealium iQ supports over 800 integrations without writing a lick of JavaScript.

10. Prevent JavaScript
Actually, maybe you should set a company-wide rule that prohibits JavaScript. That way there aren’t any shenanigans on your site that could compromise your brand or your customer’s data. Data shenanigans are the worst.

11. Only Allow Approved Vendors to be Implemented on your Site
What if you could only allow certain vendors that have been through legal to be implemented by your team? Sounds like a Tealium iQ feature to me.

12. Lower Case Variables so that you Don’t Have Two Different Homepages
Why do I have some product pages with a capital P and others with a lower case P in my analytics solution? Number 12 can clean that up and lowercase them all, instantly.

13. Create a Lookup Table
How about a lookup table that translates your super cryptic campaign values into something that makes sense to an actual person? Done.

14. Privacy
How do you handle privacy opt-outs and “Do Not Track” requests across all of your vendors? There’s a feature for that.

15. Support your Testing Vendors
Testing vendors have some pretty specific requirements. Some like asynchronous loading, others really want to load synchronously. Some have things called m-boxes. Don’t worry, we support them all natively.

16. Currency Converter
You sell in five currencies, but your analytics solution only supports one. Done. Converted.

17. Publish to Multiple Environments
You know what, Bill O’Reilly, probably shouldn’t be doing everything live. That’s why we have multiple publish targets, like QA, Dev, etc.

18. Switch between QA and Production with a Chrome Extension
Remember that nifty Chrome Extension? You can use it to switch between Dev and Production so you can preview stuff before you go live.

19. Work Browser-Based or Cloud-Based
Some data can fire as a tag in the browser. Others can fire in the cloud. That’s perfect for mobile and non-web apps.

20. Have More Than One Person in your TMS at a Time
We’re almost done. Are you the only one on your team that needs to make changes to things? Yeah, that’s what I thought. That’s why Tealium iQ supports multiple people working at the same time.

21. Merge your Changes with Someone Else’s
Plus, you can even merge your changes together to make sure everyone gets what they need.

22. See Every Change Ever Made
I know you what tagged last summer.

23. Copy all of the Goodness of One Profile to Another
Ready to launch a new site? Wouldn’t it be great to copy everything you’ve already done to your new site. Easy.

24. Protect your Site with MFA
A great tag manager comes with great responsibility. Good thing Tealium includes top-notch security, including multi-factor authentication.

25. Detect Tag from Code
Jen just emailed you JavaScript code to add to your site. Doesn’t she understand what a tag manager is? Wait, I can copy and paste the code in Tealium’s marketplace to detect the tag and its configurations.

So as you can see, not all tag managers are created equal. While some may be free, the opportunity cost of not having these additional functionalities could be costing you more than a paid tag management solution. Click here to jump into Tealium iQ for yourself (without talking to a sales rep) or request a custom demo today.

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Hilary Noonan
Hilary is Director of Content at Tealium.

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