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Today’s customer experience is about the data. Getting data from anywhere, doing anything you want to manage it, and sending it on to wherever it needs to go. That’s hard in today’s multi-device, omnichannel world. Our mission is to give our customers the most powerful, easy and comprehensive, end-to-end data supply chain management possible.

Tealium EventStream video
CTO & Founder, Mike Anderson, on EventStream

That’s why we’re excited to announce the elevation of our Cloud Delivery feature, combined with 3 NEW features, as EventStream, the newest product addition to our Customer Data Hub.

Hello EventStream!

Tealium EventStream (formerly Cloud Delivery) is a lightweight data collection and delivery API hub ideal for mobile, IoT and connected devices— or desktop and web when efficiency is critical. It gives you flexibility to get all your cloud-based (server-side) data to one, central hub where anyone can orchestrate the data powering customer experience.

EventStream is all about choice and flexibility.

As part of our Customer Data Hub, EventStream gives our customers more control than ever over the data supply chain. There are circumstances under which client-side data collection and delivery (via tags) is best and there are circumstances where cloud-based, server-side collection and delivery (via connectors) is best— EventStream gives the CDH this flexibility.

Further flexibility is needed as organizations must manage event-level, building block data (pageviews, form fills, transactions), in addition to audience-level data (visitors, profiles, audiences). EventStream gives capability for event-level data management, complementing the audience-level management from AudienceStream.

New Features

To unlock the power of event-level, cloud-based data management, we’re releasing 3 new features with EventStream aimed at; (1) expanding the ecosystem of data sources available (and easing implementation), (2) enabling greater data handling capabilities, and (3) empowering organizations to use this data in any destination.

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1. Feature- Data Sources

A Data Source is any system that sends data to the Customer Data Hub. These systems include websites, native mobile apps, or any custom application that has visitor event data to be collected. A Data Source is platform specific and provides the necessary code and instructions to complete an installation.

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2. Feature- Event Specifications

Event specs are lists of standardized attributes that should be associated with particular types of events. By defining event specs, data managers are able to easily identify valid, invalid and undefined data allowing for simple management of incoming data quality in real time.

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3. Feature- Live Events (2.0)

The enhanced Live Events feature allows you to monitor and filter incoming data for delivery in real time. Simply click into any incoming data for insights on data quality to see whether that data is valid, invalid or undefined. Define or edit event specs on the fly after identifying an issue. Filter incoming data into Event Feeds that can be assigned actions to power other systems with all data, or just a select subset.

Why EventStream?

EventStream is one central API hub to collect, enrich and deliver your event data. Use EventStream to:

  • Power real-time customer experience on any device or channel using data from any device or channel
  • Create a universal data foundation by adding on event-level, cloud-based collection and delivery to your data management foundation
  • Collect and deliver data with a robust, yet lightweight, footprint ideal for mobile, IoT and connected devices

Get all the details on EventStream

Check out the new EventStream product page:

Download the datasheet:

Watch a video from our co-founder and CTO, Mike Anderson, on how EventStream fits into the Tealium Customer Data Hub:

Watch a video walkthrough on our 3 new features:

Check out the product documentation:

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