11 Tealium customer Innovation Award winners crushing CX

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If you haven’t heard, we just wrapped our annual Digital Virtualocity event last week and it was definitely one for the books! We had some seriously amazing speakers from industry-leading brands like Bed Bath & Beyond, Facebook, Humana, CVS Health, USAA, ASICS, Hotwire, New Balance and so many more share their secrets for cx success.

Our focus for the event this year was taking your customer experiences from good to great. So naturally we wanted to take a moment to honor some of our amazing customer speakers who are leading the personalization game by doing just that! These winners have been creative and strategic in the ways that they tailor every digital experience across all channels and devices – and that’s no easy feat!

Keep reading below to see all of our Tealium Customer Innovation Award winners or check out the on-demand sessions from the event to hear more of their tips for creating all-star customer experiences.

Customer Experience and Personalization Innovation Award Winners:

Ben Thompson, Bluestem Brands and Stan Soldentakov, Shaw Communications

Our first two Innovation Award winners were Ben Thompson from Bluestem Brands and Stan Soldentakov from Shaw Communications. These Tealium customers were recognized for their unique approaches to Customer Experience and Personalization. Their ability to trigger relevant and powerful messaging at the right time to drive high engagement and conversion rates is inspiring to all marketers and the key to standing out in the crowded digital marketplace.

Data Collection and Privacy Innovation Award Winners:

Scott Mucci, StubHub and Erik Synder, Humana

Our next Innovation Award winners were Scott Mucci from StubHub and Erik Synder from Humana for their Data Collection and Privacy strategies. Regardless of your industry, customer data privacy is a huge priority and is only increasingly becoming even more important with third-party cookies crumbling and data privacy regulations constantly changing. These innovators’ strategies for collecting data and honoring their customers’ unique privacy preferences in a real-time fashion are something to take note of as you start to prepare for third-party cookie loss.

Growth and Acquisition Innovation Award Winners:

Justin Hannah, Hulu and Molly Snow, Alaska Airlines

Next up we have our Growth and Acquisition Innovation Award winners – Justin Hannah from Hulu and Molly Snow from Alaska Airlines. These two organizations are using the recent digital surges to their advantage by engaging with new customers and turning them into lifelong customers. Using Tealium, these leaders are able to find new audiences, speak louder to those audiences, and form one-to-one relationships with these new customers. 

Loyalty and Retention Innovation Award Winners:

Mukesh Singhania, Bed Bath & Beyond and Jonathan Carroll, Arizona State University

Our next Innovation Award went to Mukesh Singhania from Bed Bath & Beyond and Jonathan Carroll from Arizona State University for their approach to strengthening customer loyalty and retention. These Tealium customers know how to deliver crave-worthy customer experiences that keep ‘em coming back for more!

Predictive Insights and Customer Analytics Innovation Award Winners:

Brian Baker, The Hartford

Up next is Brian Baker from The Hartford who won our Predictive Insights and Customer Analytics Innovation award. Machine learning and AI is a relatively new concept in terms of customer experience but is taking the marketplace by storm. And if you didn’t know, we released our new AudienceStream CDP feature , Tealium Predict ML, almost exactly a year ago to enable everybody on your team to be able to harness the power of machine learning. Brian’s team is using our new AI feature to set an example of how marketers can use predictive insights to not only better personalize experiences, but also reduce turnover by anticipating churn.

Single View of the Customer Innovation Award Winners:

Jai Ramachandran, ASICS Digital Inc and Ty Bishop, Thryv

Last but surely not least, are our Single View of the Customer Innovation Award winners – Jai Ramachandran from ASICS Digital Inc and Ty Bishop from Thryv. The key to personalizing experiences starts with understanding each customer’s journey and their behavior. And these rockstars are using Tealium to access unified complete views of each customer so they can deliver those personalized experiences in real time.

We want to thank all of our amazing winners for inspiring us and pushing us to up our customer experience game. These customers bring Tealium to life in the most effective and creative ways possible. So let’s give them a huge round of applause!

Looking for even more inspiration? Then check out the on-demand sessions from Digital Virtualocity to hear more about how these winners are using customer data to thrive on all digital fronts!

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