Leverage the Tealium and Optimizely integration to manage the Optimizely Tag (both Synchronous & Asynchronous implementation options), as well as use AudienceStream audiences or badges in Optimizely, allowing you to deliver personalized experiences or create more targeted tests. Optimizely is a world-class website optimization platform, providing A/B and multivariate testing that is incredibly powerful and easy-to-use. Optimizely enables users with and without technical expertise to make dynamic changes to their websites, test the variations to live traffic, gather immediate results, and start achieving goals. Over 5,000 enterprises have adopted Optimizely, including Starbucks, Disney, eBay, Weather.com, Demand Media, and Crate & Barrel.
  • Personalization
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Supported Integration Types
Optimizely can be integrated in the following ways:
  • Business Application Desktop applications, such as business intelligence or reporting tools, can also easily connect to Tealium services such as DataAccess.
  • Client-Based These connectors send data to the desired vendor or service directly from the client or device where the data is originating.
  • Cloud-Based These connectors are hosted integrations within the Tealium platform utilizing EventStream or AudienceStream. They receive data from the originating client or device, and send that data on to the desired vendor or service.
  • Installation Library Deploy Tealium to virtually any platform (web, connected device, IoT), language (java, ruby, perl), or content management service. Send any data to your desired end point vendor or marketing solutions.
  • Developer API Need deeper integration with a Tealium service? We offer a number of APIs providing richer configurability of your Tealium deployment.
  • Tealium Tool Tealium Tools is the playground for developers to integration with Tealium.
Supported Device Types
Connectors may be optimized to receive specific event attributes for select platforms. For example, a mobile phone would likely send a 'screen_name' event attribute, representing the name of the screen being viewed by the end user.
  • Web Browser These connectors expect to receive standard event attributes originating from a web browser, such as current_url, referring_url, page_name, page_category, and others.
  • Mobile Mobile Applications have a variety of conventional event attributes such as 'screen_width', 'screen_orientation', etc.
  • Your Server Tealium Collect can be deployed to any service or solution utilizing your favorite programming languages. This is the most 'generic' deployment.
  • Connected Devices Connected Devices are those that don't quite fit the mobile mold, such as connected set-top boxes (OTT), wearables, etc.
This integration offers these features
  • Optimizely (Async) Tealium gives you the flexibility to manage the Optimizely tag asynchronously or synchronously.
  • Optimizely (Sync) Tealium gives you the flexibility to manage the Optimizely tag asynchronously or synchronously.
  • Optimizely Segment Builder AudienceStream allows Tealium clients to discover audiences, enrich visitor profiles and stitch together customer interactions across digital touch points. Using both AudienceStream and Optimizely, you can leverage the audiences created in AudienceStream and build targeted experiments in Optimizely. There are currently two different ways to integrate the two: Using the Tealium Tools Extension for Chrome to generate a code snippet to paste into your utag.sync.js file Through the Optimizely dashboard and creating new audiences from pulled from your Tealium profile