Tealium now connects with the Reddit Pixel and Conversion API to help enterprises reclaim their first-party data


SAN DIEGO | Jan. 31, 2024 – Tealium and Reddit, one of the largest networks for online communities, announced today new connector capabilities. Now, Tealium’s Customer Data Hub seamlessly integrates with the Reddit Conversions API and Reddit Pixel, allowing enterprises to enhance their omnichannel advertising performance and measurement.

“As Reddit continues to introduce people to the products and services they’re most interested in, we’ve developed the Reddit Conversions API, in partnership with Tealium. By enabling our advertisers to share high quality, consented first party identifiers, we can better match ads on Reddit with relevant activity, which in turn creates valuable ads experiences for people on Reddit,” said Reddit EVP of Business Marketing and Growth, Jim Squires. “Tealium has long been an advertiser favorite for data management solutions in the digital ads ecosystem, and with this partnership we’re thrilled to create a seamless, resilient integration for our advertisers to utilize.”

With evolving privacy regulations, device restrictions, and third-party cookie deprecation, CAPI solutions are driving a new frontier of strategic advertising capabilities. Together, Reddit and Tealium are equipping advertisers with the tools they need to build signal loss resiliency and fuel advertising performance growth. Specifically, the partnership allows enterprises to:

  • Improve full-funnel measurement
  • Reclaim more meaningful first-party data
  • Strengthen overall ad performance and data compliance
  • Improve conversion measurement, targeting, and optimization 

“We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership that not only strengthens our collaborative efforts, but also unlocks immense market opportunities. Together, Reddit and Tealium are poised to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled value for the global enterprises we serve,” said Tealium Global Vice President, Matt Gray. “As privacy expectations change and the impending deprecation of the third-party cookie looms, businesses everywhere face unprecedented challenges. The need for novel solutions has never been more critical, and this partnership with Reddit streamlines how businesses engage with their audiences, ensure compliance with regulations, and deliver effective and personalized experiences.”

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About Reddit

Reddit is a community of communities where people can dive into anything through experiences built around their interests, hobbies, and passions. Our mission is to bring community, belonging, and empowerment to everyone in the world. Reddit users submit, vote, and comment on content, stories, and discussions about the topics they care about the most. From pets to parenting, with over 100,000 active communities and over 70 million daily active uniques, it is home to the most open and authentic conversations on the internet. For more information, visit redditinc.com. 

About Tealium

As the most trusted CDP, Tealium connects customer data across web, mobile, offline, and IoT so businesses can better connect with their customers. Tealium’s turnkey integration ecosystem supports more than 1,300 built-in connections, empowering brands to create a complete, real-time customer data infrastructure. Tealium’s solutions include a customer data platform with machine learning, tag management, an API hub and data management solutions that make customer data more valuable, actionable, privacy-compliant and secure. More than 850 leading businesses throughout the world trust Tealium to power their customer data strategies. For more information, visit www.tealium.com


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