Tealium’s latest innovation provides customers with a private cloud providing increased security and data privacy.

SAN DIEGO, November 12, 2019Tealium, the trusted leader in real-time customer data orchestration, announces today the launch of Tealium Private Cloud, the first private cloud solution for customer data infrastructure and customer data platform technology.  With Tealium Private Cloud, organizations can begin to use trusted and comprehensive customer data while continuing to comply with data privacy and regulatory rules like HIPAA.

Tealium Private Cloud can be deployed as a single-tenant or multi-tenant cloud while maintaining increased security and controls around sensitive data and continuing to provide the ease of management and scalability associated with cloud offerings. This helps limit the amount of exposure and scope Tealium customers have to assess when hosting their data in the cloud and enables them to confidently integrate Tealium within their existing regulated environments. 

All data in Tealium Private Cloud is isolated and regionally designated, enabling unique security controls to be designed and implemented properly. In addition to these security features, the products within the Tealium Customer Data Hub provide additional security mechanisms that align with the advanced security standards of the most privacy-conscious enterprises.  

Tealium Private Cloud is ideal for organizations concerned with protecting sensitive customer data and has undergone independent third-party audits to ensure it is compliant with the security and privacy requirements under HIPAA. It can also assist organizations with a multitude of privacy-related challenges, whether the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, or the special geographic data management requirements in areas like Germany. 

“There is a serious need for compliance in the cloud, and for organizations concerned about properly maintaining and storing customer data in ways that meet industry regulations,” said Mike Anderson, Founder and CTO of Tealium. “We have built a private cloud solution that gives our customers the chance to scale, organize and secure data with ease. We look forward to continuously developing new solutions to enhance security at every touchpoint throughout organizations.”

Beyond assisting companies to meet their regulatory compliance requirements, Tealium updates all certifications and compliances of the private cloud environment annually. 

“Protecting our customer data and confidentiality is vital to who we are as a consumer-oriented health care organization,” said Bob Harris, Director, Market and Consumer Insights, Cambia Health Solutions. “With Tealium Private Cloud, we are able to keep our clickstream data HIPAA compliant while simultaneously collecting and analyzing data across Cambia’s family of brands in a secure manner to better understand consumers and improve their digital experiences.”

To learn more about Tealium’s Private Cloud, visit this page.

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