The company’s seamless integration capabilities allow brands to accelerate omnichannel advertising performance through Conversions APIs


SAN DIEGO | July 25, 2023 – Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), has launched new first-party data activation capabilities with the world’s biggest media players, including Meta, Snap, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Spotify, and Google. Tealium’s industry-leading customer data solutions integrated with these elite media platforms’ Conversions API (CAPI) abilities allow brands to more effectively restore signals and better connect with their customers.  

“Heightened economic pressures, device restrictions, and privacy regulations are impacting the way brands engage with their customers,” said Matt Gray, Head of Global Partnerships at Tealium. “Tealium’s integration with CAPIs is a game-changing solution, with the benefits of enhanced tracking accuracy, improved ad performance, and compliance being critical to customer retention and growth. Being among the first to pioneer CAPI connectors in the space, Tealium is committed to keeping our customers at the forefront of agility.” 

Tealium reported a 50% increase in CAPI implementation from its customers in 2022, with adoption expected to surge throughout 2023. On average, CAPI solutions improve return on ad spend (ROAS) by 25%, and increase ad conversion visibility by 35%, which helps maintain more accurate performance attribution for advertisers.

“We have Conversion APIs in EventStream and TiQ, which helped to increase the attribution. With AudienceStream, we’re able to really hone in on what our consumer behavior is and serve up a personalized experience based on the group that they are in,” said a site analytics spokesperson from Tealium customer, New Balance. 

Tealium recently worked with Meta to help leading global tourism company TUI increase business resilience amid third-party cookie deprecation; ultimately increasing social media ad conversion rates by 29% and ROAS by 18% when adopting CAPIs. 

“Introducing the Meta Conversions APIs has helped us not only use our advertising budget more effectively, targeting the right customers, but also increased the number of customers who convert via these ads to make a booking,” said a spokesperson from TUI. “We’re looking forward to expanding our use of this tool, not only focusing on the conversion event, but using that server-side data to deliver an outstanding customer experience via relevant, useful and timely remarketing ads.”

Tealium also worked with major media publishing company Dodo to drive more consumers to its website through Facebook CAPIs. Through this solution, Dodo was able to boost online sales by 13% and increase social media ad conversion rates by 23%.

With the widest collection of packaged integrations, Tealium offers a menu of first-party data activation capabilities to help businesses achieve better omnichannel advertising performance, adopt consent management solutions, and help enterprises better measure their advertising and marketing strategies. Learn more about Tealium’s integration capabilities.

Register for Tealium’s three-day virtual 2023 Partner Showcase from August 1-3 to hear more success stories and invaluable insights from the company’s partner network. 

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