Tealium partners with leading identity providers to offer richer intelligence that addresses data fragmentation

SAN DIEGO | Nov. 22, 2022 — Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), recently launched the Identity Partner Ecosystem, which contains new features that provide customers with enriched identity capabilities and increased access to integrations with leading identity providers.

With companies shifting digital strategies to adapt with the deprecation of third-party cookies, urgency around new means of delivering personalized experiences is critical. Tealium partners with leading identity providers to solve for fragmentation within the broader marketplace and to ultimately address marketers’ biggest challenges around identity. 

“Our partnerships with leading identity providers give businesses the option to merge their valuable first- and third-party data with Tealium’s AudienceStream™ CDP profiles in real time and at scale,” said Josh Wolf, Director, Partner Solutions Consulting at Tealium. “Every business should strive to best understand their prospects and customers, and this will help them do so. Tealium then helps these businesses act on this understanding by ensuring a personalized experience at every online and offline touchpoint.”

The Identity Partner Ecosystem integrates Tealium’s best-of-breed CDP solution with market-leading identity providers, such as Acxiom, Merkle, Okta, and Neustar, a Transunion company,  to deliver richer intelligence and analytics for marketers to better personalize customer experiences. The Identity Partner Ecosystem specifically solves for:

  • Visibility into unknown visitors to enrich profiles and better personalize experiences 
  • Appending first- and third-party data to enrich customer profiles with more intelligence 
  • Cleansing companies’ first-party data, improving the data foundation at its core
  • Activating addressable audiences, filling the gaps left by third-party cookies

Acxiom recently announced the integration between its Real Identity solution™ and Tealium’s AudienceStream™ to allow marketers deeper, more actionable insights. 

“Out of the box, this new integration can help advertisers discover customer journeys across paid and owned digital experiences, resolving one of the trickiest marketing challenges brands face today,” said David Skinner, Chief Strategy Officer at Acxiom, in the release. “Our Real Identity product enhances Tealium’s CDP deterministic capabilities by collecting and merging customer identities based on probabilistic matching and enriching owned data. Brands can now unify their data, generate customer insights, drive marketing goals, and activate experiences within one easy-to-use privacy-compliant tool.”

The Identity Partner Ecosystem is a prominent component of Tealium’s Trusted Customer View, a set of data quality and enrichment capabilities built on a trustworthy foundation to create better customer experiences, all while honoring privacy preferences in today’s highly-regulated world. 

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