Tealium DataAccess

Own All of Your Data. Period.

Tealium DataAccess is the most flexible way to access and own your data in real-time- extending the power of Tealium iQ Tag Management, AudienceStream, and other integrations across an entire organization.

Traditional data platforms are plagued by data fragmentation, which is created by delayed batch processes and uncorrelated datasets. This results in backward- looking analyses that are too stale to act upon. DataAccess offers the richest source of clean and correlated omnichannel, event and audience data collected across web and mobile touch points, and makes that data available for real-time action.

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Key Benefits of Tealium DataAccess

Own All of Your Data – Unify and own all of the customer data available across your organization to fuel deeper insights. No need to buy back data from vendors, saving time, resources and money.

Real-time Data Unification – Solve organizational data fragmentation with access to a complete and correlated data set available in your necessary time frame.

Close the Gaps in Your Customer Insights – A source of data that expands with your evolving business requirements.

Correlated Visitor View – Build a more customer-focused and responsive organization. Correlate and stitch online and offline data assets to provide a rich “ready to query” visitor dataset.

Enhance Your Enterprise Data Investments – A powerful source of customer data primed for use with best-in-class business intelligence tools.

Central Hub for Data Collection – Power teams and technologies to work together leveraging a shared business language and the same customer data set.

Streaming Data Support to IaaS – Tealium’s DataAccess now supports real-time data integrations with the world’s three leading IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platforms. Through Amazon Kinesis, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and Microsoft Azure’s Stream Analytics, Tealium can now fuel your cloud architecture and analytics efforts. These new integrations are built on Tealium’s global Cloud Delivery architecture which enables the collection and delivery of data from any customer experience touchpoint: web, mobile, IoT, wearable, and offline data sources.


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