Case Study

U.S. Auto Parts Accelerates Digital Marketing Performance

Case Study: US Auto Parts

Auto parts leader says Tealium tag management is the first digital marketing solution it’s seen IT and marketing get ‘really excited about.’


  • Eliminate marketing-IT bottlenecks for deploying digital marketing solutions


  • The Tealium iQ™ tag management system


  • Reduced friction between departments
  • Increased marketing agility and performance

Too Many Tags Create IT-Marketing Bottleneck

Like many online retailers, U.S. Auto Parts relies on an assortment of online marketing vendors—providing everything from web analytics to display advertising—to help it acquire more customers and increase online sales. Implementing these vendors can be difficult to manage for both marketing and IT.

Solution: Easier Management of Third-Party Technologies

The Tealium iQ  tag management system enables marketers to manage all their digital marketing vendor tags through a single universal tag. Houman Akhavan, vice president of marketing at U.S. Auto Parts, vetted all the major tag management vendors in the market before selecting Tealium for its next-generation methodology and simple, drag-and-drop interface that is specifically designed for marketers and business users. Tealium gave Akhavan exactly the solution he needed: an easy way for his staff to manage and deploy all the digital marketing vendor tags by themselves without having to burden IT resources. Users benefit from turnkey vendor integrations that enable them to simply click on a vendor to add their tag to the web site within seconds. In addition, Tealium dramatically improves site performance using a number of best practices, including asynchronous loading, conditional tag loading, tag killing and more.

U.S. Auto Parts implemented Tealium iQ and the solution started paying dividends immediately. Through the intuitive interface, the marketing staff was able to deploy and manage the web page tags of any digital marketing vendor on its own with point and click simplicity. Since implementing Tealium, Akhavan has been able to increase marketing performance and agility, save on valuable IT resources and increase site speed and performance. In the end, Akhavan ranks Tealium as an important digital marketing vendor because of its impact across the organization. U.S. Auto Parts is fully in control of its digital marketing solutions and looking to the future.

About U.S. Auto Parts

Established in 1995, U.S. Auto Parts is a leading online provider of aftermarket auto parts, including body parts, engine parts, performance parts and accessories. The company’s flagship properties include and As the company ramped up its online marketing efforts, both marketing and IT began feeling the burden of managing digital marketing web page tags. They found a solution they could both get excited about.

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