Tealium AudienceStream™ + Tag Management Systems


Tag Management Systems enable one-off vendor tag implementations, but to deliver the best customer experience you need to go beyond a basic tagging capability. The Tealium AudienceStream Customer Data Platform unifies the data flowing through your TMS into customer profiles and enables you to trigger customer experience action or analysis with cross-channel data.


Why Tag Management Systems + AudienceStream?

An ever-expanding number of technology vendors, from personalization tools to advertising networks and beyond, rely on tags for data collection to power campaign execution and deliver performance insights. While tag management systems help with the implementation of tags, this represents a fraction of the value locked within your data collection foundation.

The Tealium AudienceStream real-time customer data platform makes it easy for you to do something remarkable: deliver timely, personalized customer interactions across any digital touchpoint, leveraging all sources of data across your organization—whether from a javascript tag managed in TMS, a server-side connection or even offline data sources.

Start Leveraging Your Customer Data

Collecting the data in each channel is just the first step. Now that you have the capability to implement tags using TMS, expand the value of the data being collected by combining it with all data sources and sending it to any tool in real time to automate customer experience actions.

Comprehensive data integration is needed to orchestrate all of your marketing efforts across web, mobile, offline and off-site customer data. Traditionally, businesses have been forced to create integration projects that are costly, time-consuming, siloed and prone to failure. AudienceStream puts the power of audience management and data enrichment in the hands of digital marketers and all data stakeholders, who can easily create and leverage high-value customer data via intuitive, graphical controls.

Build an Actionable Unified Customer Profile

Bring together data on customers and prospects from TMS and all other business data sources to form a persistent single view of the customer. With AudienceStream, event-level data like clicks, views and conversions dynamically build a universal view of the customer through powerful, marketer-defined business rules. These business rules enrich the customer profile in real time with attributes like content affinity, lead scoring, lifetime value, etc. As this data flows into the system, you can harness the power of automated campaign triggers and marketing actions based on customer behavior across devices, channels and technologies.

Connecting Data in Real Time, Take Action at the Right Time

Combine and act on data the moment a customer or prospect takes action. No more waiting for batched processes between systems that may only happen once per day or worse, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional data warehouse solutions.

Go Beyond Tag Data

Tags represent just a small portion of your organization’s data collection; there’s offline data collected in-store or in-person, data available server-side on product usage, data from your employees’ use of business systems, etc. With AudienceStream, you can unify the data from tags within your TMS foundation and augment it with offline data and server-side data sources utilizing Tealium’s library of turnkey integrations.

Using powerful data connectors with major tech vendors, AudienceStream lets you fuel your marketing initiatives using data from the tools you already have. This includes vendor integrations with marketing clouds, personalization tools, e-mail service providers, display advertising solutions and more.

Enriched data can be easily integrated with your site personalization tools. For example, content can be personalized on the homepage with your existing personalization tool based on calculated audience affinity or propensity to convert based on data from other channels like display or mobile. Focus on business and marketing strategy instead of how to collect and unify that data for action.

Patented Cross-Device Visitor Stitching Technology

AudienceStream takes the guesswork out of mapping visitor IDs to your customers’ multi-device use. With Tealium’s patented cross-device visitor stitching technology (beware of other vendor’s claims), ensure you have a complete view of each customer that merges customer data when that customer engages across devices. A multi-device view of your customer’s journey is essential at a time when mobile device usage has surpassed desktop

“What Tealium AudienceStream allows us to do is actually standardize the definition of our segments across all of our marketing channels and create a truly unified view of our customers for the first time.”

Standardize Customer Experience Across Channels

73% of consumers are likely to switch brands if a company provides inconsistent levels of service across departments (Salesforce). Solve the fragmentation of customer data in every channel by connecting it together. No more retargeting visitors who have already bought or prospecting to potential customers who you’ve already met at a conference.

Your Data is Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

First-party data has the highest return on investment of any data type. It’s also data your competitors don’t have and can represent a critical competitive advantage. But your first party data is only as valuable as it is comprehensive. While collecting data in each individual channel is a huge improvement, it doesn’t go far enough to enrich that data cross-channel and enable activation of any of that data in any system.

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