Data Connect

Automate ingestion of data at rest from enterprise
sources like data warehouses, CRM systems, cloud
apps and more - no code required.

Why Do Our Customers Love Data Connect?

Complement Tealium’s industry leading real-time data collection and activation capabilities with easier,automated access to enterprise data sources like cloud data warehouses, CRM systems, and more. Data Connect is a no-code workflow automation tool to pull in data from over 1,000 API-based data sources. With easier access to this data, organizations can build richer customer experiences in a fraction of the time.

Everything in one platform – Real-time and data at rest

  • Complement real-time data and insights with historical context from other systems
  • Optimize costs and value with virtually unlimited data integration flexibility
  • Use data wherever you see value— use cases only limited by your imagination

Automated Access to 1000+ New Data Sources

  • Automate data ingestion workflows when data is needed on a schedule
  • Easier access to sources like data warehouses, CRM systems, and cloud applications
  • You decide the schedule—hourly, daily, weekly….it’s up to you

Increase Integration Efficiency and Reduce Need for IT

  • No-code recipe builder, with powerful customization options for more technical users
  • Avoid lengthy IT bottlenecks to get campaigns to market quicker
  • Completely maintained, robust integrations avoid need for constant maintenance

Key Features

1000+ API-based Data Sources

The difference between using data or not,often comes down to how easy it is to access. Integrate with 1000+ SaaS apps, databases, AI services, APIs, and more without writing any code.

No-code Workflow Automation

Pre-built connectivity enables you to integrate data sources faster to start, and automates ingestion on your schedule. Pull data in as you want it to solve the data wrangling headache.

Built for Enterprise Scale & Security

Powered by industry-leading technology with the scalability you need. Security is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and it’s only accessible based on your organization’s admin policies.

In our mission to enable organizations to maximize the value of their first party data, Data Connect automates access to enterprise data sources more quickly and efficiently. This means a more complete view of the customer and more powerful experiences built on that view.

Bob Page, SVP of Product, Tealium

Key Benefits

  • Maximize agility using data for CX
    with access to historical customer relationship insights stored in other systems
  • Activate data held in technical or hard to access systems to drive value from data
  • Build richer customer profiles for analysis and to fuel more engaging customer experiences
  • Automate data ingestion workflows to avoid cumbersome and repetitive integration projects
  • Avoid IT bottlenecks with no code functionality and automation
  • Reduce integration maintenance requirements
  • Speed time to market with new campaigns without sacrificing access to data
  • Maintain the highest security and scalability with a highly performant system

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