Solution Brief

Tealium AudienceStream for Digital Marketing


Today’s marketers are under pressure to accurately measure marketing effectiveness and determine how to best leverage emergent technology and a sheer volume of data for segments, channels, and campaigns. A central visitor profile can be the key to powering a variety of strategic marketing initiatives and drive results.


  • Fuel more relevant remarketing or retargeting initiatives
  • Create right-time marketing interactions based on fresh, complete consumer insights
  • Supply enriched visitor data to key marketing and customer relationship technologies

Scarce resources, consumed by tactical execution, leave little time to define strategies that would drive optimal, measurable results. Although digital marketing vendors provide valuable information about what is occurring on a site, correlating a trove of data to quickly act on those results is often elusive and expensive. In fact, CMOs report that although their data stash is growing, marketing projects are utilizing an increasingly smaller percentage of that data to make marketing decisions. In 2013, marketing analytics were used only 29% of the time in their projects —a drop from 37% in the previous year.

The Tealium AudienceStream™ solution is a gateway to the digital marketing ecosystem, empowering marketers to control and unify disparate data sets to improve site conversions and campaign effectiveness, while lowering customer acquisition costs. This includes vendor integrations such as email service providers, retargeting solutions, and display advertising. Using the visitor data generated by your own campaigns and programs, AudienceStream will automatically trigger an action to your vendors to enable right-time messaging using your pre-defined rules.  AudienceStream provides the foundation for your unified marketing efforts, which drives more profitable, real-time customer interactions based on audience behavior across all digital touch points.

AudienceStream fuels smarter marketing interactions. Leverage your existing ecosystem relationships to drive success.

Email: Real-time remarketing and targeted emails

Timeliness is key. When a visitor adds product to a cart but does not purchase, AudienceStream can send the visitor ID and cart contents to the email vendor for an immediate email offer. When that offer is made in real-time, the engagement effectiveness improves by 40-55%, so when visitors return after receiving the email call to action, the likelihood to convert will be higher than their first visit.

Analytics: Visitor-level attributes and segmentation

Visitor behaviors can be segmented using marketer-defined AudienceStream rules, then can be easily tested, customized, and fed into analytics systems. These attributes can also be incremented or aggregated, making evaluating new strategies and ideas easy and immediately actionable.

Live Chat: Assign the right agent with key visitor insights

Chat has proven to increase average order value by as much as 35%, so if the chat experience includes the right resource at the right time using fresh data, this additional personalization will help boost revenues, satisfaction, or time to resolution. Visitor attributes and badges from AudienceStream can be automatically shared with the agent best suited to support particular scenarios, providing greater relevance and personalization.

Mobile: Unify devices and messages across digital touch points

A user’s behavior can be correlated across their multiple devices, stitching together a cross-device profile within AudienceStream. This unified view enables integrated messaging or right-time cross-device offers, improving engagement and conversion rates.

Testing: Use visitor attributes to customize test strategies

Visitor segments can be discovered and defined, and profiles can be enriched using AudienceStream’s pre-defined or unlimited customizable attributes. Sharing these marketer-defined attributes with relevant testing vendors facilitates the right tests containing the right message at the right time.

CRM: Records updated with visitor-level behavior and attributes

Getting the customer in the right place can be a challenge. A sales team can benefit from understanding how their customers or prospects are interacting with your content and marketing campaigns, but getting them to read an analytics report is a non-starter. Using AudienceStream, salespeople and agents can be armed with key behavioral insights, enhancing engagement and relevancy at every touch point.

Display Ad: Improve conversions using audience data

If you want to capture a greater share of the 98% of visitors who don’t normally convert on the first visit, AudienceStream will trigger an action to send relevant data to your retargeting partners, so a fresh, real-time call-to-action can be sent to this visitor while they are in-market. Retargeted ad campaigns show engagement rates 2.5 to 3 times higher than untargeted ad campaigns, and now first party audience data automatically sent from AudienceStream will more efficiently improve conversion rates for your display campaigns.

Personalization: Improve content relevancy based on visitor attributes

When launching personalization initiatives for the first time, there is often no historical insight or data to drive the most relevant content or recommendations. AudienceStream can provide personalization and recommendation vendors with rich historical audience profiles, greatly improving the time to relevancy and targeted content, creating faster monetization and value.