Solution Brief

AudienceStream for E-mail Marketing and Marketing Automation


Today’s digital marketers face a challenging landscape of siloed applications and fragmented multichannel data, resulting in splintered and less effective marketing programs. When e-mail marketers and their systems are supplied with rich, timely visitor data, interactions are more relevant and engagement is substantially improved.


  • Improve the relevancy of your messages through fresh, rich visitor data
  • Increase the consistency of marketing interactions by creating a single source of truth for visitor data
  • Continuously extend your visitor knowledge to create improved personalization over time
  • Leverage your existing marketing technology relationships to achieve unified marketing

Have Better Conversations

A more complete understanding of your customer is a direct path to achieving better marketing interactions. The Tealium AudienceStream™ solution enables marketers to easily define business rules that enrich visitor profiles based on omnichannel and cross-device behavior. Visitor attributes such as segments, metrics, affinity, and lifetime value can be leveraged to improve the targeting, timing, and personalization of your e-mail campaigns.

Timeliness Matters

Traditional digital marketing strategies are plagued by delayed batch processes and uncorrelated datasets, resulting in backward-looking analyses that are too stale to act upon.

Tealium’s forward-looking, real-time approach to data collection and enrichment eliminates the speed barriers by generating the richest source of first-party visitor data and making it available for instantaneous use in your e-mail marketing efforts. For example, shopping cart abandonment might immediately trigger inclusion in a campaign for a special offer while the product is still top of mind.

Richer Interactions Through Unified Marketing

Taking knowledge from one channel to influence action in your e-mail campaigns can be powerful. Many e-mail marketing platforms offer robust personalization features, yet they are only as good as the data that drives them. You are no longer reliant on stale or siloed data to trigger or personalize your messaging when you use the robust capabilities of AudienceStream. For example, a visitor’s purchasing patterns or depth of engagement can drive a loyalty status or measurement of lifetime value and lead to more precise, relevant messaging and/or targeting. More relevant e-mails improve open rates, click-through rates and the overall success of your campaigns.

A true unified marketing approach also ensures the same visitor data can be shared across all your marketing applications. This unified approach also improves the efficiency of your marketing expenditures as you determine which channels are most effective at an individual level.

Enhanced Marketing Automation

Marketing automation systems thrive on visitor data. AudienceStream is capable of producing a wide array of visitor data that can be shared with marketing automation systems for enhanced campaign targeting or lead scoring. It enables you to easily tap into rich visitor behavioral data like content affinity, multichannel advertising response metrics, or product purchases and share that data in real time for improved effectiveness in your instant alerting or drip campaigns.

How it Works

AudienceStream allows you to create enriched visitor profiles from your web site or mobile application. These visitors can be segmented and shared in real time with your mission critical e-mail marketing and marketing automation technologies. AudienceStream connects directly with best-in-class e-mail and marketing automation systems — such as Bronto, Experian, ExactTarget, MailChimp, Marketo, Parse, Responsys, Silverpop, and Strongview — so you can share real-time consumer data that is necessary for the most relevant interactions.