Solution Brief

Tealium AudienceStream for


Sales and customer service teams are under pressure to increase revenues, engage prospects, and keep customers happy. There are also increasingly important customer intelligence challenges to understand the customer journey through a myriad of digital touch points.


  • Define key customer insights based on web or mobile channel behavior to augment the customer records in
  • Fuel better customer service or sales interactions through fresh customer insights
  • Unify cross-device customer profiles to improve the accuracy and relevancy of your customer interactions

Finding the necessary information to fuel better marketing interactions is imperative, yet customer information is often siloed or fragmented across various applications. Although some vendors readily provide valuable contact and company data enrichment, correlating a trove of behavioral data needed to quickly act on those results is often elusive and expensive.

The Tealium AudienceStream™ solution is fuel for your customer information and digital marketing ecosystem, empowering teams to build a more efficient sales cycle and improve customer service. AudienceStream is a visitor-profile-enrichment and an audience-discovery platform available in’s AppExchange®—the platform allows marketing and sales teams to define, correlate, and target their most valuable audiences across channels. Using the customer and visitor data generated by your own campaigns and programs, AudienceStream automatically feeds valuable information to your sales and customer service teams as well as to vendors, enabling real-time customer and prospect engagement. AudienceStream provides the foundation for your unified customer- and prospect-related efforts, driving more profitable real-time contact interactions based on audience behavior across all digital touch points.

AudienceStream fuels smarter customer interactions. Leverage your existing sales and customer service systems to drive success.

Enhanced CRM: Achieve sales engagement based on real-time customer or prospect behaviors

Getting relevant, real-time behavioral data about leads or contacts to the sales team can be challenging. A sales team can certainly benefit from understanding how their customers or prospects interact with content and campaigns, but getting them to read an analytics report is a nonstarter. AudienceStream automatically embeds real-time customer behaviors and interactions from campaigns into customer records, allowing sales teams to engage in a relevant way. Using AudienceStream, salespeople are armed with key customer behavioral insights so they can take immediate action, thereby enhancing engagement and relevancy at every customer touch point.

Customer Service: Improve customer satisfaction with real-time, relevant data

How much more productive would your customer service representatives be if they understood what their customers were looking for online before contacting them? What if they knew how many chat sessions customers engaged in from particular sections of the site? Bringing this rich behavioral data directly into customer records in is now a snap.

Segmentation: Improve engagement through behavioral discovery and profile enrichment

Visitor, prospect, and customer segments can be discovered and new segments defined using AudienceStream’s flexible visitor attribute builder. By modeling and defining online behaviors and rules, segments can be easily created in AudienceStream. Then sales or marketing campaigns can be supercharged using specific attributes and segments, improving engagement and conversion rates.

E-Mail: Send real-time targeted e-mails to customers and prospects

Timeliness is key. When a prospect fills out a form, requests a demo, or adds products to a cart but does not purchase, AudienceStream can send the visitor ID and cart contents to your e-mail service provider for an immediate e-mail offer. The visitor ID can also be mapped to a CRM record, enabling the salesperson to take action on that information. When an offer is made immediately, effectiveness improves by 40–55%.

Personalization: Build sales momentum with greater content relevancy

Prospects want to engage with content before getting on the phone with a salesperson. This point makes content marketing ever more crucial to the sales process. However, when launching personalization initiatives, typically there is little or no historical insight or enough data to drive the most relevant content or product recommendations. AudienceStream provides personalization vendors with rich historical audience profiles. This action greatly improves time to relevancy and targeted content and it motivates prospects and customers to engage with your sales teams.

Live Chat: Assign the right agent with key visitor insights

Chat has come to be one of the most effective channels for customer and visitor engagement and has proven to increase average order value anywhere from 5–25%. If the chat experience includes the right resource at the right time using fresh data, this personalized chat experience can help boost revenues, satisfaction, and time to resolution. To further improve effectiveness, visitor attributes from AudienceStream can automatically be shared with the agent best suited to support particular scenarios, paving the way for better customer service overall.

Single Identity: Unify devices and messages to increase known information about a visitor or customer

Using cookies to identify single-user identities is challenging. This year, mobile Internet access is projected to outpace desktop Internet access, so being able to easily unify cross-device messages can create more opportunities for interaction. With AudienceStream, a user’s behavior can be correlated across his or her touch points and multiple devices, stitching together a cross-device profile. This unified profile makes sales and service teams more knowledgeable and enables integrated messaging or right-time cross-device offers, improving engagement and conversion rates.