Solution Brief

Tealium and Tag Management for IT


IT and web development teams are busy, very busy. There are higher priorities for IT than deploying new online technologies for the marketing team, or making constant changes to existing JavaScript tags. The result: an unhappy and inefficient marketing team, and unproductive developers. We can help.


  • Establish strong data governance and vendor management standards
  • Mitigate performance and data leak risks introduced by unmanaged tags
  • Allow marketing teams to be more agile without introducing risks to web site or mobile app stability

The proliferation of tags and poor tag implementations can weigh down web pages—ultimately slowing web site performance. The Tealium iQ™ tag management system was designed from the ground up to enable marketers to easily handle what traditionally has been a fairly technical process.

Get back to core IT activities

Many IT teams receive daily or weekly requests from marketing to update vendor tags on the web site or mobile applications. This can sap valuable resources and impact more strategic activities. Tealium iQ relieves the burden of tag management for IT and web developer teams by empowering business users to add, edit, or remove any vendor tag by themselves with point-and-click simplicity.

A technology IT can rely on

Web pages can quickly become bloated with broken, misplaced, or outdated tags, which slow down your web site and impact user experience. While empowering marketers to manage tags on their own, Tealium iQ provides technology teams full insight into all tag deployments. Tealium iQ features a multi-tiered staging process for deploying tags, and provides detailed reports on how tags are performing. To ensure massive scale and performance, Tealium iQ leverages a best-in-class architecture that eliminates unnecessary and error-prone round-trip calls to an application server for instructions on how tags should load. In addition, the Tealium iQ multi-CDN delivery network acts as a competitive marketplace for CDNs, ensuring that your tags are delivered from the fastest CDN in any given region in the world, at any given time.

Increase website performance

Competitor web sites are a click away, and studies have proven that just a one-second delay in page load can result in a seven percent decrease in conversions. Tealium iQ enables marketers to replace all vendor tags with a single master tag, removing the page bloat caused by multiple tags. Tealium iQ also contains a number of features that dramatically increase page load speed, including asynchronous and conditional tag loading, script compression, and more. Using these techniques, Tealium iQ can improve web site performance by as much as 50 percent.

Protect your data

Data leakage is an ongoing concern for both technical and marketing teams, and unmanaged tags are often the prime culprit. Companies often load all of their tags on every page—including the order confirmation pages—and are often inadvertently sharing sensitive transactional data with all of their vendors. Tealium eliminates this through conditional tag loading, which enables you to set specific rules for which tags load on which pages. Tealium iQ also allows you to assess the data collection practices of each vendor tag, and exert precise control over which data points are sent to which vendor.

Ensure global privacy compliance

One of the many benefits of Tealium iQ includes the ability to become instantly e-privacy compliant on a global level. Tealium iQ supports the “do not track” feature within modern browsers, so that even if an organization’s digital marketing vendors are not compliant, your organization can offer this level of choice. Tealium iQ also supports geographic based privacy compliance, enabling any organization to comply with country specific rules and regulations, and gives organizations total control in providing opt-in or opt-out choices to visitors.