Solution Brief

Tealium iQ for Web Analytics Professionals


Today’s data-driven businesses face a fluid and unpredictable set of measurement requirements. In modern marketing organizations, getting results depend on strong analytics, and getting strong analytics requires strong and flexible tag implementations.


  • Improve your ability to quickly bring up new vendors to support your marketing campaigns
  • Increase the accuracy and reliability of your analytics data
  • Quickly evaluate new analytics vendors without costly development efforts

The web development cycles required to manage analytics vendor tags can be slow and costly, limiting how quickly you can capture new data points, or improve outdated implementations. The Tealium iQ™ tag management system empowers you to manage analytics tags on your own, without requiring ongoing assistance from technical resources, who may be overloaded. Through Tealium iQ, you can streamline enterprise analytics deployments and create a robust and unified set of digital data, so you can measure, report and make informed decisions with confidence.

Simplified Web Analytics Deployments

We streamline complex web analytics deployments, including enterprise solutions such as Adobe SiteCatalyst, Webtrends, IBM Coremetrics, Google Analytics, and others. You can define and map key data elements with point-and-click simplicity, without requiring web developers to adjust any code on the web page. We provide convenient toolboxes for each major web analytics vendor, making it easy to get up and running with the latest version of that solution. You can also identify and start collecting new data points—through Web Companion, a browser extension —while browsing the actual web page itself.

Measure at Will

Measurement changes often get delayed or de-prioritized when running through traditional web development cycles. Because of these delays, You risk missing the time window for turning your digital data into beneficial action. Tealium iQ puts you in control of your measurement, allowing you to make on- the-fly changes to analytics implementations by yourself, without requesting assistance from IT staff. This results in better and faster measurement, and improved ROI.

Testing Vendors Has Never Been So Easy

Want to leverage tools to gauge visitor behavior? How about customer feedback tools? Through a simplified approach for adding and managing tags, we make following through on such proof of concept ideas and testing new vendors easy. You can test your strategies or vendors against each other, evaluate performance, and choose the vendor or strategy that best fits your needs.

Data You Can Rely On

By standardizing and validating the analytics implementation, web analysts can rest assured that the data they are collecting is accurate and reliable. In addition, Tealium makes collecting site and visitor-level data a simple exercise. Web analytics managers can empower their big data initiatives and collect unified online interaction data alongside offline data, to gain a single view of the customer and make decisions based on a clear understanding of holistic visitor behavior.

Data, When You Need It

Many web analytics managers are forced to wait at least twenty-four hours before collecting visitor-level data from their vendors. Data-driven teams need timely access to how online visitors are interacting with them so they can make fast, informative decisions on how to improve their marketing campaigns and conversions. Tealium Event Store provides web analytics managers with an hourly feed of all of their rich event-level data that can easily be integrated into any data warehouse.