The CX Trust Imperative: Navigating the Shifting Privacy and Consent Landscape

Privacy and consent have become major pillars of building trust with customers. Yet the privacy and consent landscape is shifting rapidly, making it tough for brands to adjust to the changes and provide effective CX that complies with new regulations and technology changes.

From diverse emerging regulations around consumer data rights, to tech changes and elevated customer expectations around privacy, the scope for companies to personalize experiences and measure engagement is slowly being reduced. The result is that in order to offer exceptional CX, brands are having to get really good at gaining consent, proving their value to customers and effectively managing and securing consumer data.

In this discussion, Mike Leone, Senior Analyst at ESG, Phil Hollrah, VP of Product Marketing at Tealium and Ted Sfikas, Senior Director of Value Engineering & Digital Strategy at Tealium are exploring how businesses can navigate this complex landscape and secure trust with their customers. Join them to learn:

– Why brands need to address evolving privacy and consent requirements, govern and automate collection of this data, AND secure and orchestrate data-driven experiences

– Why a central tool that automates enforcement of privacy across the customer experience workflow should be integrated throughout your tech stack

– What regional and use case compliance needs mean for the agile management of consent data

– And more