Capture, Correlate, and Manage Customer Data in Real Time to Create Unified Customer Experiences

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Executive Summary

Organizations today are handling an inordinate amount of data from different sources and to help make sense of this influx they’re using data storage and analytics solutions. Yet, it can be a challenge to collect customer data from multiple technologies, sources, and touchpoints to be able to enrich it in a way that produces a unified data set on every customer. These complete and comprehensive data sets are needed, though, because they become the necessary foundation for driving and delivering meaningful, consistent and relevant customer experiences.

Brands are leveraging enterprise data storage technologies like Data Lakes and Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDWs) to house customer data. However, those solutions alone won’t allow an organization to capture, correlate and manage their real-time incoming data to support customer data initiatives aimed at creating unified customer experiences.

This paper will highlight key differences, benefits, and challenges of Enterprise Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, and introduce the one, key solution every brand should employ to create and drive unified customer experiences.