LeBonCoin Improves Digital Agility with Tealium

LeBonCoin is the biggest classified advertising web site in France and a subsidiary of Schibsted, a major publisher with operations in 29 countries.

  • Manually implementing tags took between three and five weeks
  • Their ability to test new digital solutions was limited
  • The Tealium iQ™ tag management system (TMS) allowed for quick and efficient tag implementations without technical resource
  • Best of breed support from Tealium at every stage of the project
  • The time to implement and manage tags went from weeks to minutes
  • The technical team can now allocate their time to more mission critical projects

LeBonCoin needed agility in their marketing operations, which meant the ability to change and configure tags quickly and easily. However, without a tag management system deploying tag-based solutions had become increasingly time consuming. Manually implementing a single tag on the web site would take between three and five weeks due to lack of technical development resources. LeBonCoin was also keen on improving their capacity to test digital solutions from prospective or existing vendors.

LeBonCoin’s TMS Requirements

LeBonCoin recognised that a TMS could effectively resolve these issues and went through a rigorous selection process with multiple vendors. Their resulting decision was the Tealium iQ™ tag management system.

Why Tealium iQ?

  • The free trial period allowed full access to the platform and a dedicated support team prior to contract signing.
  • The high quality support at all stages of the process—from trial to set up to the migration of all existing tags.
  • Comprehensive training—online and offline—was available to the LeBonCoin team
  • The data vision, robust product roadmap and versatility the platform
  • The system’s ease of use for business users meant little dependency on the technical team


Tealium iQ swiftly delivered on all LeBonCoin’s criteria. Deployment of tags now happens in an easy to use, point-and-click interface without the need for writing code by technical resources. A/B testing was also implemented easily and without delay. Now LeBonCoin can cut costs and optimise their ad serving spend by testing advertising response rates.

LeBonCoin now also has the ability to integrate Tealium iQ in mobile applications (iOS and Android). Building on this strategic win for LeBonCoin, development plans are underway to launch a new web site using Tealium to fire tags, as part of their responsive strategy.

Nicolas Alonso, IT Project Manager for LeBonCoin, and Christelle Hilaricus, front-end developer, described implementing Tealium as “a no pain project” and summarised the benefits enjoyed by the company as “Tealium IQ sanely empowers our digital solutions”.

Future Proofing

Tealium iQ is now central to a number of key digital projects that LeBonCoin is looking to execute over the coming months. These include expediting their responsive design strategy, ad serving optimisation, and improving customer experience and targeting.

LeBonCoin’s immediate success with Tealium iQ has led to investigations into how they can work with Tealium on their data management and to improve the customer experience. This will allow them to communicate with their customers in a much more personalised way and thus improve conversion.


  • LeBonCoin has seen a significant reduction in reliance on technical resource and in the cost to implement tags
  • The timeframe for the marketing team to deploy tags has reduced significantly from weeks to 2-5 minutes after testing
  • The A/B testing swiftly implemented via Tealium iQ has been crucial to revenue generation, driving significant new traffic to the website

About LeBonCoin

Leboncoin.fr was launched in France in April 2006 and was SCM’s second rollout of the Swedish Blocket concept and technology in Southern Europe.
Leboncoin.fr is by far the leading online classifieds website in France, and among the 10 most visited web sites in France overall.