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Tealium Professional and Managed Services

Rather than calling on your often-stressed internal resources, there’s a better option. Tealium Professional and Managed Services can alleviate your concerns, quickly make your team operational, and keep everything humming.

Team looking at computer
  • Free up your marketing and IT team members for more strategic tasks
  • Accelerate your time-to-value by taping experts in digital marketing technologies
  • Thoroughly evaluate new vendors or marketing initiatives with the help of experienced professionals

Making the decision to go with a tag management system such as the Tealium iQ™ tag management system is a smart way to manage vendor tags and leverage data for your digital marketing initiatives. We know that implementing Tealium iQ will ultimately save you time and may even improve your web site’s performance, but you may want extra help getting your tag ecosystem running efficiently. You may also want the Tealium AudienceStream™ solution to quickly leverage valuable data sources into actionable marketing campaigns. However, relying on your IT team to take on new projects is usually a nonstarter.

Professional Services

Implementation and training support allows employees to add and edit tags, configure variables, and test implemented tags with Tealium’s assistance during and after the deployment phase. Although our Professional Services offering is a standard part of our contracts, you may need more than one hour of monthly assistance to enable you to get support beyond training and implementation. For example, you may need a complex migration from your current web analytics solution to a new analytics platform. This activity can take up to 20 hours or more and may be one in which you’d want Tealium to be involved or even to manage the entire migration effort. Or maybe you want AudienceStream to be operational very quickly so you can increase engagement and conversions in your current campaigns. You may even need ongoing implementation and maintenance support in excess of an hour per month. In these types of scenarios, Tealium Managed Services may provide a more appropriate level of support.

Managed Services

When your internal resources are not readily available or are limited, the Tealium Managed Services offering can be the right solution. Managed Services provides the relief of added support so you can rest easy. The offering can include typical implementation services that may be needed, and it provides the additional time needed from Tealium’s Support Team: five hours of monthly support for every $1,000 of monthly license fees (prepaid, nonaccruable). Both Professional Services and Managed Services are designed to provide support to customers from implementation to migration projects as well as ongoing support and maintenance of Tealium iQ and Tealium AudienceStream.* End-user support is a key value that Managed Services can bring to the organization. It enables line-of-business users to focus on their core competencies rather than manage the technology and tools essential to accomplish those tasks. Support services minimize the productivity drain that comes with downtime and connectivity issues, streamline operations, reduce downtime through proactive guidance, and alleviate the burden on IT, freeing resources for more strategic tasks. Tealium’s support services are designed to establish a single point of accountability and a simplified contract structure for ongoing support. Relying on Tealium for these strategic tasks brings you value, convenience, and peace of mind. *Items not counted as part of Professional Services or Managed Services support include trouble-shooting, weekly status calls with your account manager, and any contract discussions about such things as renewals or additional product purchases.


  • Is included as a standard part of your contract
  • Covers anything tag related such as trouble-shooting, tag implementations, configuration, and modifications
  • Assists you with migrations from one analytic solution to another
  • Allows one hour of monthly professional support for every $1,000 of monthly license cost (non-accruable)