Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to take a look at some amazing stories of how Tealium’s CDP has made significant impacts on our customers’ businesses. We love our customers and we love data. Our message to the market is that by collecting the right data, bringing it together, and activating it – all in real-time – we help global businesses deliver the best customer experiences. As the most trusted and world’s largest independent CDP, we deliver proven results for our own customers.

Our deeply held commitment to customer satisfaction is evidenced by their willingness to share their own Tealium Success Stories, highlighting the many amazing benefits of using Tealium’s CDP in your organization. 

Check out these 7 Powerful Success Stories of Tealium’s CDP

Creating a Single View of the Customer & Breaking Down Silos

Bosch Power Tools 

Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, a division of The Bosch Group, is the global market leader in power tools and accessories. While its products are used by trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts all over the world, the company has relatively limited customer data given that it doesn’t sell directly to many end users. 

Bosch Power Tools needed to make better use of its available first party data to improve its understanding of users and their preferences. Data silos made this difficult.

By deploying Tealium AudienceStream to connect user data across various touch points – from the website to the CRM system to external advertisers – Bosch Power Tools can now create a more complete picture of its users. Doing so fostered a new level of user understanding within Bosch Power Tools, and made more data-driven, personalized marketing possible.

“With Tealium, we’ve been able to remove silos, connect our data, and create a new standard when it comes to understanding our customers at Bosch Power Tools. We can now build rich user profiles and execute more personalized marketing activity, while adhering to stringent data privacy regulations. This allows us to create better experiences for our users and improve our advertising efficiency.”  

– Till Bross, Manager Personalization, Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH

Read the full case study here.


Activating Cross Channel Customer Engagement

The Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz were struggling with lack of personalization as well as an inability to track users across domains or devices hampered the Utah Jazz from increasing ticket sales.

With historical and behavioral fan data unified, thanks to Tealium AudienceStream CDP, the Jazz turned their sights towards personalizing the fan experience across multiple channels. The Jazz are now running abandoned cart campaigns, tailored ticket offers based on past attendance, and using A/B testing to improve messaging. They’re also using this data to unify the in-app experience and generate cross-sell opportunities for other sports and venue experiences from the team’s parent company.

“Because of Tealium’s connections with all these digital marketing platforms – with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads – when (our fans) devices are on those social media platforms, we can fire ads without ever knowing who these people are. We can do it just based on their device.” 

– Jared Geurts, Senior Director, Analytics, Utah Jazz

Read the full case study here. 


Gathering Insights That You Can Build On


TUI, the largest global travel brand, is often best recognized for their smile. Operating under numerous brands such as Thomson, First Choice and Riu they collect a vast amount of data across all of their sub brands, which is to be shared for sales insight and digital distribution throughout their organization. Only 1% of TUI website traffic converts into customers so TUI turned to Tealium to help better control their data and understand visitor intent. TUI was looking to improve the user experience and increase customer conversion rates.

As holidaying has gradually returned (with all the bumps in the road associated with the pandemic) TUI already had Tealium Predict in place to predict customer travel behavior. By working with Tealium’s CDP through the pandemic, TUI is able to predict which customers are more comfortable with travel and what type of travel package they might prefer.In a testing sample of 160,000 customers (of which 20,000 were identified as fairly likely to convert), TUI used Predict insights to selectively offer high value coupons to customers, boosting its conversion rate by 400%.

“Layering Tealium’s predictive insights onto its CDP has been a real game changer. The targeted use of personalized coupons has proven instrumental to improving our conversion rates. Here in Germany, it’s a legal requirement to sell a holiday package at the same price both in-store and online, so coupons enable personalization where it’s needed. With this level of insight, we can prioritize a great customer experience, while remaining compliant with regional legislation, and improving our conversion rates amongst certain prospects.”

– Karin Marksteiner, Head of Analytics, Data & Personalization, TUI Deutschland GmbH

Read the full case study here.


Meeting Data Privacy With Personalization

Cambria Health

Cambia Health needed to collect and analyze data across their family of brands in a secure manner to better understand their consumers and their digital engagement experience. Several analytics tools were available on the market, but Cambia couldn’t find a solution that would also meet the regulatory requirements of HIPAA, a US law designed to protect consumers’ medical records and other health information.

When Cambia discovered Tealium’s CDP, they knew they had found a solution that could meet their requirements. Tealium not only provided Cambia with the ability to identify and link customers across all its sites so that they could understand how their customers were moving within their ecosystem, but Tealium also allowed Cambia the critical ability to control where they send their data.

“Our data exists in a HIPAA environment and fully in compliance with HIPAA laws. And finally, we control the flow of our data, not through our development resources but through our web analytics team… EventStream has really been the crux of our solution. It allows us to take and flow that anonymized data over to our web analytics solution provider, and it allows us at the same time to keep that entire click stream and move it back into our data warehouses so that we can analyze that data.”

– Bob Harris, Director, Market and Consumer Insights, Cambia Health Solutions

Read the full case study here.


Boosting Both Regulatory Compliance and Operational Efficiency


With 7,000 websites and complex regulatory requirements, Sanofi needed to simplify its website environment, improve compliance, and gain real-time insights.

This organizational complexity has led to the company maintaining 7,000 active websites, each with different levels of regulatory oversight on the company’s marketing activities. It has also created a disconnected and disparate data environment, with no global tag management strategy in place. Finally, across the company, there are different levels of expertise and engagement when it comes to working on website projects or in digital marketing in general.

Sanofi, alongside Cognizant Technology Solutions, a well-known global consulting systems integration firm, determined that Tealium’s CDP was the right technology solution to help address the organization’s current digital and data challenges.

“There were a number of benefits to Tealium. Operational, business, market engagement, and then strategic fit and scalability, which is really important.”

– Andrew Isaacs, a principal at Cognizant Technology Solutions

Read the full case study here.


Freeing Up Your Teams

Minor Hotels

Minor Hotels is an international hotel owner, operator, and investor, currently with a portfolio of over 530 properties. It needed to standardize its guest data across its newly acquired network of hotel groups, including in China. It needed a solution that would save time, money, and reduce the risk of human error.

Using Tealium iQ™  Tag Management, Minor Hotels eliminated the complexity of manually implementing tags and increased its digital marketing agility. Tealium worked closely with Green to deliver a bespoke product offering that would complement Minor Hotels’ business growth strategy. Tealium iQ™ Tag Management which would quickly proved its value by allowing Minor Hotel’s teams to easily manage tagging requirements and increase tag efficiency. The implementation was quick, the solution itself proved easy to use and the hotel group saw the benefits of rapid tag deployment across multiple hotel groups from a central location.

“Being able to manage our processes in-house has been critical to the business in terms of generating savings to both revenue and time. My team previously spent up to 20% of their working week managing third-party vendors, but their time has now been redirected more strategically towards business development and further streamlining internal processes.

– Anthony Green Group Director Digital Applications & Platforms, Minor Hotels

Read the full case study here.


Tackling Third-Party Cookie Loss

Jysk Fynske Medier

From print to digital, from written to spoken words and beyond, Jysk Fynske Medier (JFM) is the second largest Danish news publisher and media group. It is the driving force behind more than 75 newspapers, a wide range of news sites and digital brands. This includes its advertising and communications agency, STEP, where JFM runs technology and data projects for the media group. Understanding its readership and customers is essential to JFM’s success, making collecting and analyzing data from over 140 different websites business critical.

The JFM team based at STEP realized its audience sales could be threatened by the new third-party data regulations and advanced Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). It needed to find a more efficient way to collect and analyze first-party customer data.

JFM introduced and implemented Tealium’s CDP – AudienceStream and iQ Tag Management – to close the gaps left by the previous DMP and to tackle the new challenges.

“The impact of regulatory changes around third-party data is a major challenge particularly when looking at the amount of websites and publishing assets under the JFM portfolio. Tealium AudienceStream and iQ Tag Management really was the Swiss army knife of data management systems for us. It’s flexible and applicable to various use cases, which often came up spontaneously. Its capability of providing us with a holistic customer view that enabled an optimized personalization and targeting process, allows us to not only survive, but thrive, in the marketing jungle.”  

– Dennis Vesti Brorsen, Head of Data & Intelligence, Jysk Fynske Medier

Read the full case study here.


Customer expectations are always changing. But there’s a way to read the tea leaves – customer data. Companies that use customer data to get to know their customers can anticipate and respond to their customers’ specific – and often changing – expectations. Tealium is there to capture the customer interaction when it happens and turn it into a powerful tool that will strengthen any organization.

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