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Building differentiated customer experiences using customer data depends on trustworthy data quality, insight discovery, and reliable actioning. Simultaneously, all organizations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the value of their data and tech investments. These are all forms of insight into data management activities. 

We’re happy to highlight a recent addition to our industry-leading data management capabilities bringing these insights to the forefront, right within the Tealium Customer Data Hub.

Initially releasing as part of our DataAccess product, Tealium Insights delivers benefits supporting these mission critical goals by increasing visibility into data operations and the performance of customer data initiatives.

Tealium Insights dashboards and reporting for customer and first party dataWith Tealium Insights you get the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Operational and Performance Insights – Get insights into what’s happening with your data and where your data is making a difference.
  • No Additional Data Wrangling Required – Analytics available at the point of real-time customer data improves time-to-insight and insight agility.
  • No-code/Low-code Dashboards and Reports – Built for business and technical users alike to create shareable, accessible insights.
  • Templated and Customizable (authoring requires DataAccess) – Operational reports out of the box for default attributes (w/DA only right now) with capability to build custom visualizations. Free Insights dashboards coming soon.
  • Shareable by PDF, CSV – Reporting can be easily exported to provide better visibility across teams, or used for further analysis.

As a system responsible for unifying and activating customer insights, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) occupy a uniquely effective location to deliver this value, in combination with dedicated systems of insight like business intelligence platforms and analytics tools. However, due to the sheer complexity and diversity of tech stacks, and the existence of these other dedicated systems of insight, planning how these insights are generated and acted upon requires intentional planning and a flexible solution to adapt to an evolving ecosystem.

Tealium’s newly upgraded DataAccess product with Insights delivers built-in business intelligence capabilities to the Customer Data Hub. Insights is a customizable dashboard and reporting tool enabling customers to build custom reports visualizing any data that they choose to store in the Tealium Customer Data Hub. 

This includes operational data like the volume and quality of data collected or the success/failure of triggering actions, alongside customer behavioral data such as traffic to CX channels or the population of various audience segments. 

This initial release brings out-of-the-box operational reporting on events, visits, and visitors, along with a no-code/low-code report builder (that will be familiar to any business intelligence professional) for custom insights into customer data management. Future releases will build on this capability with more report templates (specialized by use case, task, etc), vertical reporting, and customer journey insights.

Metrics in Tealium Insights for customer dataOur goal with Insights is to more efficiently generate and communicate the insights necessary to optimize the value of customer data management for CX. The following will be included upon initial release:

  • Out-of-the-box operational reports on events, visits, and visitors utilizing the default attributes that come with the Customer Data Hub
  • Custom no-code/low-code report builder with automated drag-and-drop data visualizer to build reporting that’s unique the organization’s data
  • Automated and on-demand report exports via CSV, PDF, to better communicate insights and value across multiple roles and teams

Custom report building in Tealium InsightsBy bringing analytics to the data foundation powering customer experience, organizations maintain a more reliable data foundation, save time generating insights, and better optimize the value of customer data management initiatives. Analyses in dedicated analytics or business intelligence tools can also be focused more on high level insights and attribution by offloading data insights that are better handled within the CDP.

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Matt Parisi
Matt is Director of Product Marketing at Tealium.

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