Tealium is excited to announce the launch of Data Connect, a no-code, automated data ingestion tool.

Enterprise data sources relevant to customer experience continue to multiply, keeping data integration at the top of martech buyer challenges. According to Gartner’s Customer Data Survey, 88% of firms agree that improvement of customer data management is critical for improving CX. With only 14% of firms reporting that they have achieved the elusive 360-degree view of the customer, this underscores the importance that organizations invest in agile and flexible data collection and integration capabilities to improve CX.

That’s why we’re so excited to launch Data Connect, giving the Tealium Customer Data Hub even more options to efficiently collect and use customer data. Data Connect enables Tealium customers with a powerful new no-code capability to automate the ingestion of customer data from over a thousand new sources— including enterprise data warehouses, CRM systems, cloud applications and more. Whether you’re a developer who wants to write SQL, or a less technical business user who wants a no-code interface, Data Connect has you covered.

turnkey integrations with Data ConnectWith Data Connect complementing Tealium’s unique real-time data collection and activation capabilities, Tealium customers are empowered with the most agile and flexible platform to deploy customer data use cases that return true value.

Data supply chain including new sources from Data ConnectWhat Can You Do with Data Connect?

Data Connect opens a whole new world for unleashing the power of customer data to deliver effective customer journeys. Here are the Top 10 use cases:

  1. Improve time-to-market for data integration projects – Integrate loyalty data, or other offline data for further analysis and activation
  2. Activate data from data warehouses or CRM for customer engagement – Drive incremental value from existing data assets
  3. Unify offline/online experience – Make sure your view of the customer has key offline insights, such as purchases made in-store or through a call center, or through offline channels like warranty registrations through the mail
  4. Ingest ABM scoring, lead scores, or other derived customer insights like purchase propensity or likely interests to customer profiles
  5. Reduce IT bottlenecks by improving integration efficiency
  6. Add ML or decisioning scores to customer profiles – Improve CX and gain additional value from costly resources
  7. Unify multi-vendor customer data silos – Make sure you have the agility to access what you need
  8. Onboard new customer profiles for activation – Pre-seed digital profiles with offline insights to deliver a personalized experience even if you haven’t seen that customer in a digital context before
  9. Enrich profiles with 2nd/3rd party data – Ensure you can share data to optimize and maintain agility
  10. Combine multi-brand visitor data – Get a better view of customers across multiple owned brands

As a publisher with 22 editorial brands across both traditional and digital channels, we have a very complex data ecosystem. Data Connect is a flexible integration tool that streamlines our access to data warehouses in the way that we want it, and supports our efforts using Tealium to monetize our data and as the audience engine for marketing.

~Fabian Östling | Head of Martech | Aller media

No-code, Automated Ingestion of Data-at-Rest for a More Effective Customer View

While some organizations are more ambitious than others with their “single view of the customer”, what’s clear for all organizations is that there’s a diverse array of systems holding important slivers of an effective view. The imperative to strategically unify those slivers in light of rapidly evolving consumer behavior has only grown due to factors like the pandemic, privacy attitudes, 3rd party cookie deprecation, and regulatory compliance. You simply cannot afford to be missing important context when engaging your customers.

Customer view or profile including data from Data ConnectOften, the difference between using an insight or not is the ease with which you can integrate that particular piece of data. Data Connect gives Tealium customers new options for automating the ingestion of data from increasingly common (yet difficult-to-use for less technical resources) enterprise data sources, making a complete view of the customer more accessible than ever.

These systems hold important clues critical for delivering the best possible customer experience, so less technical teams cannot settle for ad hoc access. Data Connect enables automated access to batched data sources that saves integration time, reduces reliance on IT teams, and opens new possibilities for leveraging formerly difficult-to-access data to create better customer experiences. You decide what data you want from each source and the frequency that you want to pull it in, meaning you can maximize operational efficiency for data integration, while simultaneously optimizing data costs.

Say Hello to Data Connect

Data Connect helps organizations harness the fragmented landscape of teams, systems, and venues that all hold difference-making insights for CX. To effectively function as a customer data platform, you need a vast diversity of integration and customization tools that (1) cover the whole landscape, and (2) are accessible to both business and technical teams.

No-code (or low-code if you want) workflow canvasWhile Tealium has always provided industry-leading tools for unifying data collection with direct measurement, streaming data sources, and importing data from any source with files, Data Connect dramatically expands our ability to automate the ingestion of data from disparate enterprise data sources. 

These disparate enterprise data sources continue to grow alongside every org’s tech stack. These include enterprise data warehouses such as Snowflake, CRM systems such as Salesforce, or even all the cloud applications in each marketing cloud (or clouds as organizations rarely only use one vendor). 

Watch this short demo video of Data Connect.

What’s Included?

  • No-code, Automated Data Ingestion Workflow – a brand new, API-driven data source for pulling in data in batches
  • Access to 1000+ Data Sources
  • Create New Customer Profiles Even Without a Measured Interaction


Data Connect gives Tealium customers more options than ever to bring in and use data from other systems in a way that saves time without laborious technical effort. Conquer fragmented and siloed data landscapes using Tealium as your swiss army knife of data management and activation. 

Looking to dive a bit deeper? 

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