As we get ready to bring back Digital Velocity (in-person) in Sydney, we have a fantastic opportunity to sit down with Amanda Johnstone, an AI expert, who has been at the forefront of leveraging data and AI to drive business innovation. We are very excited to have Amanda as our special guest at Digital Velocity 2024.

Amanda travels the world meeting experts in AI and is at the forefront of this exciting change. In the lead up to June 27th at the Crown Sydney, our VP of Marketing Marie Dalton chatted with Amanda to get her insights on how these technologies are revolutionising industries and why she’s excited to be a part of DV 2024.

Marie: Amanda, tell us how did you get into AI?

Amanda: Purely by accident and before it was “trendy”. I started Transhuman as a suicide prevention technology company in 2014. Our specialisation was simply mobile applications for peer support. In 2017 one of our team members had a concept about having a greater understanding of the human mind and body, beyond a physical swipe on an app (we created a mental health app).

As we commercialised the concept, we realised AI was the most efficient way to process the psycho-physiological data of the body. There is a LOT of data that the body produces, I affectionately call this, The Internet of You.

At Transhuman, we use a series of formats of technology to do this, from proprietary file types to neural networks. Like most, we had to learn along the way, embrace AI and undertake significant upskill and digital transformation

Marie: How are data and AI transforming business operations and customer engagement?

Amanda: Data and AI are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and engage with customers. With real-time data processing, companies can gain immediate insights into customer behaviour and preferences, allowing for hyper personalised experiences that were previously unimaginable.

For instance, retail companies are using AI to analyse shopping patterns and anticipate what customers might want to buy next, leading to more targeted marketing and increased sales. In the healthcare sector, AI is being used to analyse patient data in real-time, providing doctors with crucial information that can improve patient outcomes. In preventative health the “Internet of You” (IOY) is going to be a game changer for how we manage our wellness and live longer. With IOY, the collection and analysis of personal health metrics, such as voice patterns, keystroke dynamics, walking gait, sleep quality, heart rate and oxygen levels and more in real time via our devices. Al leverages this data to tailor experiences and advice not just for health and wellness, but for consumer applications too.

Marie: Can you share some examples of industries successfully using AI and data to create new experiences?

Amanda: Absolutely! One exciting example is in the automotive industry. Companies like Tesla are using AI to improve the autonomous driving experience. The cars collect real-time data from their surroundings and use AI algorithms to make split-second decisions, enhancing both safety and convenience. Imagine Uber linking with your IOY data in real time in the future, with your permission. The car will know exactly how you want to feel and optimises in real time to keep you comfortable. By sharing your IOY data in real time, the Internet of Things (IOT) can morph your in-ride experience , adjusting the thermostat, the music and the lighting in real time.

Another example is in finance, where AI is being used to detect fraudulent transactions in real-time, protecting both businesses and customers. In hospitality, hotels are using AI-driven chatbots to provide instant customer service, and analysing past behaviour trends to preempt client needs, improving guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Marie: How can businesses prepare for the upcoming changes in data privacy and cookie deprecation?

Amanda: The impending changes in data privacy and cookie deprecation are indeed significant, but they also present an opportunity for businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers based on trust. The key is to focus on collecting good, clean, and consented data. Tools like Tealium can help businesses manage customer data in a compliant way, ensuring that they can continue to deliver personalised experiences while respecting privacy regulations. Regulation changes almost daily across the globe and it’s important for every organisation to be at the forefront of compliance. This is why leaders like Tealium are pivotal to guide and support us all through these uncharted territories. Additionally, investing in AI technologies that can work with first-party data will be crucial in adapting to these changes.

Marie: What advice would you give to businesses that are hesitant to adopt AI

Amanda: It’s natural to have concerns about change, but it’s important to view AI as a tool for augmentation rather than replacement. As I said earlier, my own company had to undertake rapid re-skilling and transformation. I did not finish year 12 and am both neurodiverse and dyslexic, so if I can lead my company through AI, anyone can.

AI can take over repetitive, mundane tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their roles. For example, in marketing, AI can handle data analysis, freeing up marketers to develop more innovative campaigns. In customer service, AI can manage routine inquiries, enabling human agents to address more complex issues. By embracing AI, businesses can create a more dynamic and engaged workforce. I relate AI to the introduction of the calculator, it has allowed us to process maths faster and with more efficiency, allowing accountants, for example – to take on more clients and create less errors.

Marie: Why should business leaders be excited to attend Digital Velocity Sydney 2024, and what is your message about the importance of acting now in the realm of AI and data?

Amanda: Digital Velocity Sydney 2024 is the perfect opportunity for business leaders to get ahead in the rapidly evolving world of AI and data. The real-time revolution is here, and attending this event will provide you with the insights, tools, and strategies needed to stay competitive. I’ll be on stage teaching you how to see around corners and how you can empower your team to do the same.

The combination of AI and real-time data has the power to transform industries, but it requires a proactive approach. At Digital Velocity, you’ll learn from experts, see cutting-edge yet easy to digest examples, and discover how to embrace these technologies effectively. Investing in the right tools and prioritising data privacy and consent are essential steps. The businesses that act quickly and strategically will not only survive but thrive, driving innovation and creating value that benefits everyone. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the conversation and lead your industry into the future.

Don’t miss out on Digital Velocity Sydney 2024 happening on June 27, 2024. Register Now!

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Marie-Louise Dalton
VP Marketing APJ, Tealium

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