Everest Group Names Tealium a CDP Leader in its new PEAK Matrix® report [complimentary copy available], among other news

In a market as novel, diverse, and dynamic as Customer Data Platforms, there’s real value in market commentary from trusted 3rd parties, like analyst firms and review sites. Comparing the commentary with the perspective of each firm gives buyers a three-dimensional view of the market, ultimately leading to better decisions and quicker time to value with new solutions.

In that vein, we’d like to highlight some recent reports helpful for buyers evaluating CDP solutions, some of which we can make available in their entirety. We’ll cover the following reports:

Everest Group CDP PEAK Matrix® report

Everest Group Leading CDPs

Everest Group’s CDP PEAK Matrix evaluated a wide swath of the market (complimentary copy available here), noting “Government regulations regarding privacy, the impending demise of third-party cookies, and the increasing demand for personalized experiences have propelled the widespread adoption of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).” The report names Tealium one of six CDP Leaders and the only one with a strong focus on data collection and activation.  

“This achievement is attributed to Tealium’s exceptional technological prowess, extensive range of tools and solutions, and its strong roadmap for innovation. Additionally, Tealium’s strategic partnerships with technology and system integration firms, along with its global footprint across diverse industries, have further solidified its position in the market.” – Everest Group Practice Director, Nisha Krishan [within the Information Technology Services group]

Read the full report here.

Research in Action’s Vendor Selection Matrix: Customer Data Management

A unique analyst report relying on a market survey, as opposed to analyst opinion, for a significant portion of the analysis, named Tealium the #1 Global Leader for Customer Data Management technology. This Vendor Selection Matrix™ ranks the top 15 customer data management companies, with over 140 total companies across the world analyzed. Rankings were primarily determined through an in-depth global survey of more than 1,500 senior marketing and business leaders, complemented with expert analyst research.

“Tealium is one of the few vendors that provide messaging and functionality to all three customer CDM communities: marketers, data analysts, and developers. It spans the CDM world from gathering the ‘breadcrumbs of identity’ right through to real-time activation of marketing campaigns,” stated Peter O’Neill, Research Director at Research In Action, in the report.

Research in Action Named Tealium Top CDP

The top criteria analyzed included the company’s market presence, growth rate, and customer traction, in which Tealium ranked the highest across the board. Each company was ranked based on product, company, and service quality; in addition to their approach to strategy and results-driven execution. 

Tealium received the highest score overall for ‘strategy’, specifically for its ‘vision’ and ‘go-to-market’ capabilities, and received a 98% within the ‘recommendation index’. Additionally, Tealium scored #1 in ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘price vs. value ratio’ categories.

Read the full report here.

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions CDP SPARK Matrix

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions CDP SPARK Matrix was another major study covering many of the major players in the market, positioning Tealium as a leading solution. The report noted the rise of composable approaches in the CDP market saying, “The market is witnessing a growing adoption of the composable CDP approach, reflecting the industry’s focus on flexibility and customization.” 

Tealium occupies a unique position in the market as a packaged CDP enabling a composable approach that maintains flexibility, without the headaches of cobbling together numerous data technologies to achieve the CDP value proposition.

IDC Marketscape: Worldwide CDPs Focused on Data and Marketing Operations Users

This detailed report examines the capabilities and go-to-market strategies of a dozen CDP vendors who focus primarily on users in marketing technology and operations, data science and analytics, IT, data operations, and privacy and compliance. This was a novel way of organizing vendors, splitting the market between CDPs more focused on channel execution, versus CDPs more focused on the data itself.

IDC CDP Marketscape named Tealium a leading CDP

Tealium was named one of five leaders, with ‘Leader’ being the highest classification of vendors in the assessment, followed by Major Players, Contenders and Participants. Including an examination of the ‘Build vs Buy’ decision, this report includes a rich set of considerations for those in the market for a CDP. The ratings highlight Tealium’s data management, customer support, and compliance capabilities.

Read the full report here.

TrustRadius “Top Rated” Award in 3 Categories (Customer Data,Tag Management, Streaming Analytics)

Tealium claimed the top spot in three paramount categories: Customer Data, Tag Management, and Streaming Analytics. These awards are given based on customer feedback regarding overall satisfaction and service.

“TrustRadius awards are based directly on customer feedback and help software buyers make better-purchasing decisions by highlighting products that provide high levels of customer satisfaction,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “Tealium’s Customer Data Hub has won Top Rated Awards in Customer Data, Tag Management and Streaming Analytics.”

TrustRadius is one of the most widely-used technology decision-making platforms for software buyers. Tealium has an overall TrustRadius score of 9 out of 10, the highest in all three recognized categories.

Check out Tealium on TrustRadius.

OMR Reviews “Leader Batch” in the Category “Customer Data Platforms”

Tealium has been named Category Leader for Customer Data Platforms for the fifth time in general and the third time in a row in Q3 2023. These quarterly awards are given based on customer reviews and engagements with the tool. Once again Tealium was able to prove that customer satisfaction is at the heart of its strategy.

OMR Reviews is one of the most relevant technology decision-making platforms for software buyers in the DACH market. The OMR Reviews Leader Batch aims to help decision makers to navigate the buying process and select the best technology for their needs. Tealium has been rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars and is again leading the way for the Customer Data Platform category.

Check out Tealium on OMR Reviews.

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