When it comes to preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers, a flexible Customer Data Platform (CDP) like Tealium is a “must-have” to have under your tree. In 2023, our CDP is expected to support approximately 50 – 60 billion incoming and outgoing customer events during peak holiday shopping days of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond. Each one of these events represents an automated customer insight gained or an experience improved. Tealium delivers value for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with flexibility, agility, real-time data insights and personalization at scale.

With limited bandwidth and high customer expectations, the last thing you or your teams want to do is manual work to keep up with holiday shoppers. No matter how small or big your team is, it’s tough to provide the best customer experiences if you’re depending on manual steps to engage your customers. So, time to get prepped! Think about what customer insights you have access to, and the outcomes you’d like to achieve. Are there any insights that you can’t currently access that would improve a customer experience outcome? Identify those integration gaps, and fix them so you’re ready for the holiday influx. That’s where real-time and flexibility come in to help you leverage Tealium’s customer intelligence and win those holiday-centric moments.

With holiday crunch time on the horizon, let’s unwrap ways to bring joy to internal teams and your customers with a CDP.

Why Does Flexibility Matter for a CDP?

Tealium Delivers Value for Black Friday and Cyber MondayCumbersome “build it yourself” solutions may take years to implement or create data silos. When customer data management is fractured across many vendors, your teams can face significant roadblocks due to the manual management between various vendors. For agility and enhanced firepower, complementing your built internal systems with a real-time CDP where pre-built and well-maintained integrations are easily accessible makes a lot of sense. This value includes operational efficiency across your organization, limiting data silos, and allowing you to deliver real-time personalization at scale.

The more integrations available to you, the more flexibility you have triggering experiences that win in the moments that matter during the holidays. That’s where the CDP you use or choose will make the an impact on success. Choosing a CDP that’s natively part of a walled garden ecosystem limits your ability to meet your customers wherever they may be. Choosing a solution that works with the entire ecosystem, enables you to build a customer experience that has the richest possible insights, and the best capability to meet customers where they are.

Agile Companies Win Customers During The Holidays

Think of your customer experience like a house where every room is a customer engagement channel. If you work in data silos, you’ll only be able to use one room for a specific customer experience. On the other hand, a CDP is like a master key to all rooms, seamlessly allowing your customers to move from room to room.

Data supply chainNow that we know the power of agility, let’s get into examples about how it can be a game-changer during the holiday season:

Real-Time Data Insights

The holiday season is dynamic, with consumer behavior shifting rapidly. Real-time data insights allow businesses to stay ahead of the curve. 

Let’s look at an example from our customer, TUI. Together, we helped 21 million global customers with their holiday plans across online and via brick-and-mortar travel agencies. With Tealium, TUI is able to predict which type of travel package they might prefer. Karin Marksteiner, TUI Deutschland GmbH’s Head of Analytics Data & Personalisation, says, “The targeted use of personalized coupons has proven instrumental to improving our conversion rates. Here in Germany, it’s a legal requirement to sell a holiday package at the same price both in-store and online, so coupons enable personalisation where it’s needed.”

Whether it’s identifying customer trends or packages, Tealium ensures businesses are always in the know, helping connect to customers in real-time.

Personalization at Scale

One-size-fits-all marketing isn’t effective, enjoyable, or profitable. Personalization at scale is a key to success and is essential for the holiday season. Tealium’s CDP enables businesses to create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns by segmenting customers based on their preferences, past behaviors, and purchase history. 

During holiday shopping, where customer volume is high and decision making can change rapidly, businesses will want to maximize efficiency while maintaining great customer experiences. Take a look at our customer L’Oréal, one of the world’s largest beauty brands. During normal times, they interact with over 100,000 customers per month on just one of their many brands… During the holidays, that number drastically increases. With Tealium’s CDP, we help L’Oréal handle large volumes of customer engagement across many touchpoints.

Tealium Delivers Value for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The holiday season is characterized by significant influxes of data, high customer expectations and fierce competition for customer’s dollars. Tealium’s vendor-neutral, flexible CDP empowers businesses with real-time insights, helping you adapt your strategies seamlessly. Whether it’s identifying trending products, or tracking cart abandonments, Tealium delivers value for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For more resources, explore our white papers like CDP Starter Kit for Retail or Drive Loyalty and Retention to Delight Buyers.

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Natasha is Senior Integrated Marketing Manager at Tealium.

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