Delighting your customers with moments that matter

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Marketers and brands alike are in a tough spot as buyers expect businesses to know them and remember everything about them when engaging with the companies they love. Which means savvy folks like us need to be on top of our game when it comes to getting the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the ones we work so hard to acquire that we eventually want to become loyal fans for life.

So how do we do it?

Well – being able to predict what will make buyers happy is a good place to start. Sounds dreamy right? It’s because it is.

When you can do this – when you can truly anticipate and actually even know what actions customers will take before they really take them – you can put data to good use to turn what you already know about your customers into all of the experiences they will want. Amazing!

Talk about another great way to stand out against your competition, am I right?

You see, the ultimate goal of delighting your customers should always be about creating the illusion of effortlessness, while simultaneously creating an experience that is frictionless. Think of it like striving to replicate the feeling that the person you’re doing business with knows your needs before maybe even you do (it’s wild man).

Take a hairdresser for example – someone who can just magically create a masterpiece on your head after you might have only shared a few quick words of your vision. They can do this, because they know you and they know what you will like or dislike.

But brands being able to actually do this is hard! Customers have learned to expect a certain level of frustration and very limited friction (which is a good thing!) from the companies they interact with; so delighting them means removing those barriers and exceeding expectations (which we all know isn’t always the easiest thing).

So how do marketers do it?

Here is the #1 way to delight your customers with the moments that matter

Two words that sometimes intimidate the masses – Machine Learning. Sound scary? It’s not, I promise. Keep reading.

If you have a robust martech stack in place (which of course you do because you’re a savvy, innovative marketer…go you!) you’re able to get trusted, unified, real-time, and omni-channel data not only together – but into a solid foundation. Which means machine learning insights are the logical next step to improve your marketing initiatives.

But I know machine learning can seem overwhelming and like too much and a far-off dream to achieve – and I’m here to tell you it’s not. Again, keep reading.

When you’re able to embed machine learning capabilities into a robust customer data tool like a Customer Data Platform (ahem, shameless Tealium plug here), you’re solving one of the biggest barriers to machine learning that already exists: the availability of clean data. Look at you, you cool ML problem solving cat you!

And when you have an ML powered CDP you can actually enable your whole tech stack with predictive insights.

With machine learning on board, you have the power to deliver predictive experiences at speed and scale.

Read that again my friends – speed and scale. Two things that are hard to come by as a marketer these days!

It will make personalization, which has been a longtime goal for marketers, not only possible, but profitable.

Personalization, profits, predicting your customers behavior – it’s all a win win win. 

And so many companies are already using machine learning to delight their customers today. For example – brands are using machine learning to predict which customers have a high likelihood to purchase their product, and then as a result can offer up a discount on items they love and have an affinity for to increase conversions.

I don’t know about you but all I need is a little carrot dangling in front of me to buy my favorite items again. And for customers who may be struggling on a website? Predictive insights can trigger proactive customer service to offer up solutions before the questions creating the challenge are even asked. Mind. blown. 

Machine learning is definitely already transforming the way marketers work and will continue to do so in the years to come. And this is all part of a greater dynamic approach to marketing.

Dynamic marketing allows you to delight your buyers in new ways— but with with much less effort— as you predict the moments that matter most.

It’s dynamic marketing. You’re dynamic. You’re a marketer. It just makes sense!

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