Consumers have a ton of choices these days – which means great brands like yours have a lot of pressure to constantly meet and exceed their expectations. This of course is no easy feat.

But not to fear, Tealium is here! (hopefully you read that in a superhero voice in your head like we intended)

We wanted to share 2 top strategies you’ll want to start putting into play today to help reduce churn, increase customer loyalty and tap into your biggest revenue opportunity you have today – your amazing customers!

#1 Identify at risk-customers and proactively reduce churn

Those high customer expectations we mentioned above? They change frequently, like every day and sometimes in every moment. It has become extremely hard for brands to not only keep up with knowing what their customers want, but being able to actually deliver on those needs and wants in real-timeand across multiple channels! Add in fragmented data and identity challenges to the mix – hello headaches and overall CX chaos.

So what’s a brand like you to do? Leverage your Customer Data Platform (CDP) to proactively identity and target customers who are likely to churn – before they actually do! This way you can send them the right kind of real-time messaging, literally right when they need it. Right on! (ok, that’s a lot of ‘rights’).

#2 Power customer loyalty campaigns with predictive insights

The only way super awesome teams like yours can drive super timely messaging and actions, while gleaning powerful real-time insights, across multiple channels is when you have access to high quality data! What a mouthful, but man is this important. Without having high-quality data there’s no way you’ll be able to create the campaigns that turn your followers into lifelong fans of your brands. 

Tap back into that oh-so-powerful CDP of yours so anyone and everyone on your team has central access to all the different data points of a customer so they can see a single view of them. From there you can leverage the predictive capabilities your CDP has to then create campaigns your customers will love, before they even ask, want or expect them! Yes, this kind of awesome and proven scientific way of fueling better CX is possible with a CDP that has Machine Learning capabilities!

Another quick win for driving more powerful loyalty programs is to focus more effort on selling into your existing customer base, rather than trying to acquire new ones. Where you can drive expansion revenue? What products do key customers not have? How can you increase their customer lifetime value?

Cheers to you baking up customer loyalty programs your customers can’t resist!

Post Author

Julie Graham
Julie is the Senior Field Demand Generation Manager at Tealium

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