Wrapping up our Digital Velocity ‘22 series, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our customer award winners for Digital Velocity ’22 and reiterate that without these amazing customers we would not be able to continue to do the work we do. Congratulations winners!

Every Year, before Digital Velocity, we ask Team Tealium to take a step back and reflect on who is truly leading the way. From entertainment to healthcare, we are constantly inspired and impressed with the amazing strides our customers have made. 

Keep reading to learn more about our customer award winners for Digital Velocity ’22!

Tealium for Customer Experience and Personalization 

Tealium customers recognized for this category are taking a strategic approach to omnichannel personalization, innovating with audience segmentation/suppression, supercharging customer service or leading the way with never-been-done-before customer journey analytics.

For Financial Services, this award goes to… 

Kevin Forler, Ryan Theriault, Ryan Wilson and the rest of their team at Liberty Mutual

The team behind Tealium at Liberty Mutual has accomplished a lot since their implementation last year. They have also been able to improve the customer and lead experience by re-engaging leads, suppressing ads to current customers, and engaging current customers with relevant and personalized cross-sell opportunities.

For Sports and Entertainment this award goes to… 

Mitchell Teixeira at Active Network

By streamlining their data collection and distribution efforts, Active Network was able to know their customers and partners better, which in turn makes their customers loyal and keep coming back.

Jackie Grant at Los Angeles Lakers

Jackie and her team at the Los Angeles Lakers have endless creative ideas to better understand the LA Lakers fan base and have created player affinity groups for the specific team members to target the players’ audiences with more engagement. 

For Retail this award goes to…

Greg Hirshi at Otter Products

Greg has been a key player in revamping Tealium and Otter’s relationship, working closely with the CSM and CSA to stand up new use cases, with a focus on organizing data flows to better understand and serve their customers.

Christina Sweeney at New Balance

Christina has been instrumental in evangelizing Tealium AudienceStream to the New Balance Consumer Data & Personalization teams and has continued to develop new audiences and attributes that can be used to personalize onsite experiences. 

Joe Maloney at Victorian Trading Co

Joe worked to set up a lead score-tiered targeting use case. Using AudienceStream to segment visitors, VTC has been able to improve identification and analytics of low, medium, and high-value leads, while optimizing their existing funnels, conversion rates, and ROAS by retargeting high-tier leads with personalized ads and reducing ad spend by suppressing low-tier leads. 

Tealium for Growth and Acquisition

Tealium customer winners for this category are using the recent digital surges to their advantage by engaging with new customers and turning them into lifelong customers. These leaders are able to find new audiences, speak louder to those audiences, and form one-to-one relationships with their new customers. 

For Financial Services this award goes to…

Jason Paddock at Oportun

Oportun has excelled at maximizing their customer experience in order to grow the business. They are well-positioned to stay ahead of new challenges, creatively approach customer profile build-outs so they can always recognize their customers and deliver a personalized experience, regardless of how that customer chooses to engage with them. Oportun is leading the way and is an inspiration to other brand strategists. 

For Sports and Entertainment this award goes to…

Sarah Olsen at COX

Sarah works diligently with our team and our partners to enhance COX Communications data and privacy collection practices for the client and server-side. She’s working to expand these efforts further within the business and is dedicated to making COX more accommodating to their customers with Tealium technology. She is a growth champion. 

Millin Shah at UPS

Millin is dedicated to scaling up the customer base. He recently built out a first-party data strategy with his deep knowledge of his advanced customer data platform. Their team is a tested example of maximizing a CDP for growth and acquisition.

Tealium for Loyalty and Retention 

Tealium customers in this category have a strategic, creative and powerful approach to strengthening customer brand loyalty and retention. These customers know how to deliver crave-worthy customer experiences that keep their customers coming back for more with industry-leading loyalty and retention programs.

For Retail this award goes to…

Rollin Fischer at Floor & Decor

With the constantly changing landscape of data collection and internal technical solution goals, the Floor & Decor team is currently working through an in-depth review and update of all customer flows and data collection. The goal of this review is to help power a more robust data collection engine and refine the accuracy of their journey orchestration to delight their customers. In parallel, they are working hard to bring AI and ML into the fold to help with the growth of their existing customer segments. The Floor & Decor team is driven to continually improve their processes and are trusted partners working closely with us to achieve their goals.

Josh Averbeck at Forever Companies

Josh and his team at Forever Companies have made an incredible impact with their use of scalable infrastructure and implementation of strategies to support the business moving forward. Gaining an increased understanding of customers through stitching and analysis as well as better ownership over their data, Josh has truly changed the way Forever Companies understands their customer journey. 

For Financial Services this award goes to…

Jetta Hansen at Nav

Jetta and her team at Nav truly stand out in their approach to creating personalized Financial Service experiences at every engagement point. The team rolled up their sleeves and were eager to jump in from day one. They continue to develop their use cases while prioritizing data security for their customers. We look forward to celebrating their continued success this year. 

Tealium for Trusted Experiences 

Tealium customer award winners for this category have designed the best customer journey and experiences with the utmost respect for data and privacy. With data signals and sources disappearing and data privacy regulations constantly changing, these innovators’ strategies for honoring their customers’ unique privacy preferences in real-time create truly trusted relationships.

For Retail this award goes to…

Satish Beratam at Lenovo

Satish is a champion of innovation for Lenovo and was recently acknowledged as such with a corporate award, the highest honor for a Lenovo employee. He’s always looking to understand how our solutions can help solve his challenges to provide a better customer experience and better data for personalization for his internal teams.

For Travel and Hospitality this award goes to…

Jinjal Mehta at Uber

Jinjal and Uber as a whole, hold privacy preferences in the highest regard. With Tealium, they have deployed a highly specific user-friendly and mobile-optimized content management solution that provides user transparency and choice as to what kinds of data are collected. 

Tealium for Single View of the Customer 

Tealium customer winners in this category understand the key to personalizing experiences starts with understanding each customer’s journey and behavior. These rock stars are using Tealium to access unified complete views of each customer so they can deliver those personalized experiences in real-time with incredible impact. 

For Retail this award goes to…

Kevin Liu and Jered Goodyear at Epson

Jered and Kevin have been focused on expanding their data collection footprint for a more solidified view of Epson customers. They’re putting the finishing touches on a new data source for offline data such as product registrations which will improve their lookalike audience targeting and allow for better engagement with customers. 

Bharath Akkinepally at Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto has been focused on migrating all of their sites onto Tealium as well as their mobile applications. Along with these efforts,  creating a single view of their customer across multiple websites and in-store experiences has become a key priority.

Susan Parsons at Chamberlain Group

Susan Parsons and CGI have been using Tealium AudienceStream for numerous use cases related to Single View of the Customer.

Ben Thompson at Fingerhut

FingerHut (Bluestem Brands) has been using AudienceStream in order to achieve the utopian Single View of the Customer and are happy with the results.

For Travel and Hospitality this award goes to…

Coline Boudeville and Adriel Francois at Expedia & Hotwire 

The team at Expedia Group has done a fantastic job in recognizing that the single customer view drives all efforts around acquisition, paid media, mobile app, personalization and email marketing. They have done extensive work defining audiences and triggering the right touch points across multiple channels at the right point in a customer’s journey. 

Archie Kaira and Nahesh Nahangare at Hyatt

Archie Kaira and Nahesh Nahangare at Hyatt have had a great relationship with Tealium utilizing TiQ and AudienceStream for real-time data collection, client and server-side 3rd party vendor activation and identity resolution across multiple sessions and/or devices. They have been working on initiatives that involve leveraging first-party data to create a true 360-degree customer view.

For Financial Services this award goes to…

Greg Riedel, Scott Porrell, Will Simpson, and Sara Andreas over at team USAA

USAA is aggressively working toward a collective single view of their members in order to scale personalized engagement. Their focus is on removing legacy data and organizational silos while strengthening organizational efficiency and internal collaboration between teams. USAA is activating a strategic plan towards standardizing Tealium across their vast martech and Adtech groups. The result, better customers and better connections with those members in order to continue their legacy with amazing experiences into the future. We commend USAA’s commitment to their members and hold their dedication up as a cornerstone in this space. 

For Sports and Entertainment this award goes to… 

Maria Defante and the OCP team from Microsoft

Maria and Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner team runs on Tealium for data unification and enrichment. The OCP team is focused on identity resolution and personalization. So, whether their site visitors are known or unknown, they are committed to providing personalized experiences and content across channels. Additionally, they use advanced analytics reporting from multi-touch attribution and customer journey mapping. 

To hear many of our customer award winners for Digital Velocity ’22 speak and find out more about what role Tealium has at their companies, watch the On-Demand recording of our five-part Digital Velocity series. Once again, congratulations to all our amazing and deserving award winners, we cannot wait to see what this next year brings!


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