Grab your Cracker Jacks and get your catchers mitt ready to catch all the goodies coming out of our just announced Partner Summer Summit!

Join us on Wednesday, August 3rd for Tealium’s Partner Summer Summit – Knock Your CX Strategy Out of the Park! Learn how customers and partners continue to hit home runs by integrating their data with a CDP. Create high-value customer profiles, target with relevant content, and turn more impressions into conversions.

Plus, get exclusive perspective from the industry leading expert that re-wrote the book on data-driven success – EVP of the Oakland As and character subject of the movie Moneyball, Billy Beane!

Check Out Our All-Star Roster of Keynote Speakers!

David Raab, Founder and CEO of the Customer Data Platform Institute (CDPI) 

Billy Beane, an American former professional baseball player and current Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and minority owner of the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball (MLB)

There will be a special virtual meet and greet with Billy Beane at the conclusion of the Partner Summer Summit!

Register today to reserve your seat for our Partner Summer Summit! 

With Our Partnerships, Your Bases Are Loaded

We want you to work with the tools you already know and love! At our Summer Partner Summit we will show you how to add value to your existing tech stack through our incredible partnerships, like Google, AWS, Meta, and Braze. With our powers combined you can unify your data from every customer touchpoint across all your tools while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Hit a Home Run With Every Customer Experience You Provide

Our speakers will share exactly how to extract more value from your existing tech stack with Tealium to create winning customer experiences. For example, you can enrich your online shopping experience by creating personalized touch points throughout the customer journey! (We’ll tell you how!) You can also integrate unified customer profiles with your business systems and drive higher conversations with real-time, relevant targeting. (Join us and learn more!) Through our partnerships and predictive analytics, you can stop the customer guessing game and provide relevant customer experiences that will increase conversions and hit your ROI out of the park.

Our Partner Summer Summit is a whole new ball game! Sign up and reserve your seat TODAY!

Cut Out Ballpark Figures in Your Marketing Budget

Marketing budgets used to be a guessing game, trying to read the tea leaves and put your finger to the wind to estimate which way your marketing spend should be allocated. That’s why leveraging your customer data is so amazingly valuable! With all the functionality enabled through our partnerships, you can leverage probabilistic customer data to map your marketing budget more efficiently. And secondly, with stronger and more effective targeting, you open up your marketing tools to achieve more with less investment! Join us at the Summer Partner Summit to learn how you can empower your marketing and data teams with high-value customer profiles, unified from all corners of your datasphere, to turn real-time customer data into your best revenue-generating resource yet.

Avoid Striking Out With Your Data Privacy Compliance

Global privacy regulations, like GDPR and CCPA, are not just important to the institutions creating them. They’re important to your customers, as well. Maybe not by name, but the public grows more and more concerned with how companies are handling their personal data every day. One of the aspects of data governance compliance is knowing what data is being processed, where the data is being processed and who has access to the data. Our partnerships help organizations to consolidate data from all over the web into one place to better report and control customer data. By being proactive with your customer data to meet your privacy requirements, you will not only achieve compliance, but also build trust with your customers – a value that can’t be beat. 

With our world class partnerships, your bases are loaded and your best hitter – your customer data – is up to bat. There’s no way to lose when you utilize the power of our partner integrations! Don’t miss this incredible event, August 3rd.

Register today for our Summer Partner Summit – the HOTTEST CX event of the summer!


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Hilary is Director of Content at Tealium.

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