ADMA Global Forum – Insights “Down Under” from Tealium Customers

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Four of Tealium’s global customers took the stage this week at the annual ADMA Global Forum in Sydney where close to 1,000 marketers, business leaders and data professionals across Australia gathered to share best practices and learn from the industry’s most innovative brands. Digital leaders from a wide range of industries discussed the importance of harnessing data to build multi-channel and multi-device brand experiences.

Dover Saddlery, Minor Hotel Group, Nude by Nature & Cronulla Sharks shared their experience leveraging Tealium and how they are reimagining customer experiences through data.

Data-driven marketers are empowered to aggregate, mine and understand customer data — offline, online and everywhere in-between — to better understand customer intent and build digital programs that are more relevant, up-to-date and impactful. During a panel discussion, Scott Maxworthy, Cronulla Sharks Head of Digital Commercialization, shared that enabling a successful digital presence starts with a focus on the customer. Supporting that theory, the results of a recent study by Infosys, customers are 78% more likely “to purchase from a retailer again if they provided offers targeted to their interest”.

Designing the customer experience then must start with data. According to Lorelle Carpenter, who represented retailer Dover Saddlery, brands need to “make marketing more meaningful for customers by capturing every data point they can — your customers are already telling you what they want and need”.

All this data requires a comprehensive approach that not only collects, but also stitches together the customer journey between devices and allows marketers to leverage creativity and innovation by having that data at their fingertips. This is why Tealium’s ecosystem of 1,000+ integrations allows one single data and segmentation to inform every vendor in your ecosystem.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi to all the innovative stories presented this week in Sydney!

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