How to easily onboard your Tealium customer data to AWS with Amazon Eventbridge

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We are excited to announce Tealium’s latest integration with Amazon Web Services – Amazon EventBridge. Amazon EventBridge is the easiest way to onboard customer data from Tealium into your AWS ecosystem. In addition to already supported destinations like Kinesis, S3, and Redshift, you can use EventBridge to route real-time data into Amazon SQS, Personalize, SageMaker or any service supported by AWS CloudWatch Events. Think of EventBridge like a Swiss army knife: It uses different types of tools to slice up different types of data. As data flows into AWS, EventBridge sends it to destinations to deliver customer engagement, machine learning, business insights, and more. 

Now, with just one integration, Tealium customers can stream real-time data from Tealium to Amazon EventBridge, where the myriad of services that AWS offers are available, greatly expanding the Tealium and AWS use case list to almost an unlimited number of possibilities.

What does this mean to your businesses? 

The combination of Amazon Web Services and Tealium allows businesses to accelerate digital transformation when the need for digital-first customer insight and experiences are at an all time high. Tealium’s solution is designed to help companies collect, organize and activate their customer data across their tech stack, including their AWS instance. The new Eventbridge connector now provides a single point of integration to stream real-time data from Tealium to AWS, where the myriad of functions AWS offers are available, allowing Tealium and AWS customers an easy way to deliver valuable customer data to multiple AWS services. 

EventBridge simplifies the challenges customers face when managing inbound data from digital and offline sources into their AWS environments. Customer data sent from Tealium could include conversions or product affinities from websites and apps, lifetime value from CRM systems, sentiment from call center logs, and more. 

Users can access a hub of prebuilt service connectors to the most popular services on AWS, relieving engineering and maintenance tasks that would otherwise consume valuable time and resources. EventBridge distributes this customer data to a variety of Amazon services that have proven value to thousands of businesses all over the world. For example, Tealium’s EventBridge integration delivers this data to a business’ AWS environment where:

  • Customer sentiment from CRM, call centers and online surveys is stored in Amazon Redshift and visualized for critical insights and analytics.
  • Online and offline conversions are processed by Amazon Sagemaker’s superior machine learning algorithms to determine the “Next Best Action” and automate the customer’s journey.
  • In-store purchase data is delivered to Amazon Personalize for improved customer product recommendations.
  • Website and app conversions are passed to Amazon Pinpoint, triggering personalized email, SMS, and push messages that strengthen brand loyalty and improve the customer experience.
  • All of this data is backed up in Amazon S3 to ensure business continuity and operating excellence.

What’s even better than having Tealium fuel AWS?  Having AWS fuel Tealium!

After delivering all that value within AWS, the subsequent insights can be returned to Tealium AudienceStream, our Customer Data Platform (CDP), in real-time to further enrich customer profiles. AudienceStream is the industry’s leading enterprise Customer Data Hub for a reason: businesses use it to synchronize their customer data across every technology and customer touchpoint and to trigger and personalize third party martech vendors across any channel. Every one of the most popular martech, adtech, BI, affiliate, social and analytic vendors are connected to Tealium’s CDP in a convenient turnkey fashion to efficiently achieve and exceed the business’ go-to-market goals. 

By leveraging the product recommendations, “Next Best Action” and other insights derived in AWS, Tealium and AWS team up to keep business’ entire IT, martech, adtech, and analytics practices completely synchronized without any further effort. 

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Tealium’s integration with Amazon EventBridge results in real-time customer insights that deliver a customer experience for the modern era.

Ready to dive deeper? Head to our AWS + Tealium solutions overview and see how we can help you supercharge your AWS instance


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