Messaging is the number one activity for internet users worldwide, and WhatsApp is center stage. From birthday wishes to follow-up on work deliverables, from two-factor authentication to order tracking, messaging apps are the preferred method of communication for mobile users of all age groups in every country.

In today’s fast-paced economy, customers expect businesses to respond to queries, provide support and be available on their favorite chat/messaging apps. And brands are responding by embracing this channel as they strive to meet customer expectations by providing more personalized omnichannel experiences. The result is that chat/messaging is the most downloaded category of mobile apps for both individuals and businesses across the world since 2020. 

The Dominant Messaging App Worldwide

An undisputed leader in this category, WhatsApp (owned by Meta) is the world’s most dominant messaging app. Serving over two billion users who send over 100 billion messages daily. This app is available in over 180 countries and is the number one messaging app in all but 25 of these countries.

In countries like India, where WhatsApp is used by over 450 million people, it is the primary source of news, events, deals, content, and eCommerce, in addition to messaging. 

Meta broadened their offering with WhatsApp Business two years ago providing expanded functionality like taking orders and answering questions from customers. But after the growth fueled by the pandemic, and the overwhelming response from both customers and businesses, they have added the WhatsApp Business API.  These tools enable brands to drive personalized interactions with their customers on the app, delivering benefits like 24/7 customer support, pre-sales queries and lead generation, abandoned cart recovery, and order tracking. 

In addition to scale and quantity (businesses send over 175 million messages a day), WhatsApp offers quality, boasting an open rate of 99% for WhatsApp Business API messages and streamlining customer service by 225%. WhatsApp Business is one of the fastest-growing CX channels for businesses in India, Latin America, and parts of Europe and Asia.

Tealium Offers Seamless Integration

Tealium offers the WhatsApp Business Connector to make sure businesses can seamlessly add WhatsApp to their marketing automation and personalization strategies and execute their CX goals at scale. The WhatsApp Business Connector is available out-of-the-box as a server-side connector and allows Tealium customers to trigger messages and campaigns on the app in real-time.

In Brazil, WhatsApp is the most used app across all categories. After the pandemic, Fast Shop, Brazil’s premier electronics retailer, developed its messaging application – the BLA – to automate customer communications on the app. Partnering with Aunica, a data-driven digital marketing consultancy, Fast Shop initiated 120 million relevant conversations resulting in 50% additional revenue on WhatsApp in the first six months of activating WhatsApp as a channel through Tealium.

“The power of Tealium AudienceStream CDP integrated into the BLA, together with Aunica’s expertise and know-how, has enabled the network to simultaneously open more conversations and refine the customer relationship. We were able to broaden our horizons with fully customized and far-reaching campaigns, in addition to establishing a more personal relationship with the consumer,” says Edward Salem, General Manager of Fast Shop Operations.

Reach out to figure out if the WhatsApp Business Connector is right for your business, or click here if you want to see how it works.

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Sav Khetan
Sav Khetan is the Sr Director of Product Strategy at Tealium. He leverages 20 years of experience to help customers accelerate their shift towards audience-based marketing through the intersection of technology, data and operational strategy.

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