2 cool ways to create a single customer view unique to you

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Personalizing experiences is one of the top ways brands can keep customers coming back for more. That’s because customers feel good from relevant, authentic and timely engagement from the brands they’re interacting with. And when organizations deliver on that want the positive impact on the business can be impressive. So how do they do it?

By having a single, comprehensive view of each of their customers.

This single view is created for many reasons, but the main outcome is generating an accurate view of a buyer as the foundation of being able to capture crucial customer analytics, as well as powering super awesome customer engagement. You see when the data is accurate and current (aka lets get real-time baby!), teams can deliver the right experience to the customer at the right time.

This results in higher customer lifetime value, more engaged customers, and more loyal buyers. And what brand doesn’t want results like that!

Here are the top 2 ways to create a single customer view unique to you

#1 Automate your data management practices right at the time time of collection

There is so much customer data living in so many different places (don’t worry, this is a common challenge even top brands face) that generating high-quality insights can take awhile due to being able to gather all of that information into one place and then having the technical and departmental resources to get it into a place that it can be acted on.

By automating your data management practices right at the time of data collection, all the way through activation and even analysis – you’re ensuring one less day that insight needs to happen for revenue to be generated.

What does this mean? That you can increase your organizations agility and drive more revenue by getting insights live quicker. Your boss will love you for this!

#2 Leverage your centralized cross-channel customer profiles as a foundation 

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) can help you generate a single view of your customer to drive cross-channel insights and engagement. And by using a centralized cross-channel customer profile as a foundation for orchestrating customer experience actions you can drive dynamic personalization across all of your digital channels. It may be a mouthful but man is it awesome!

Your goal is to really unify all of your different data sources into one solid place, and then leverage that as the foundation of what will fuel the engaging moments that matter most for your customers. Capturing data from every channel your audience interacts on will really represent the full relationship you have with your customers.

This means you can build a unique customer profile that you will ultimately be able to take action on.

So here’s to you creating a single customer view so you can provide more of the personalized moments your customers hope for and probably expect!

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