3 Ways Tealium Tag Management Simplifies Adobe SiteCatalyst Deployments

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Most digital marketers have a love-hate relationship with Adobe SiteCatalyst—it’s the most widely used enterprise web analytics solution on the market, but the flexibility it provides means deploying the solution can be difficult and complex. Tealium offers a simpler way to manage SiteCatalyst deployments through its market-friendly Tealium iQ solution.

Here are three ways Tealium iQ can help.

  • Data Management Tealium’s robust data management capabilities allow customers to easily define variables and map those from in-page elements – such as meta tags, JavaScript variables, cookies, and more – and pass those values to SiteCatalyst-specific variables. In addition, Tealium’s extensible architecture lets you transform data on the fly. For example, you can take several data points on the page, concatenate or unite them together, and then pass the newly generated value into a SiteCatalyst hierarchy variable.
  • Handling Props & eVars – One of the most popular features in SiteCatalyst is the custom variables, props and eVars, used for commerce and site traffic data. With Tealium you can pass any data point on the web page into a SiteCatalyst variable for further analysis. For example, on a media site, you may want to capture the author’s name on article pages and pass them into a custom variable to better understand which authors have the highest readership.
  • Conversion Event Tracking – SiteCatalyst provides detailed reporting around conversion events, but requires you to pre-define these events. These events, or actions, can include everything from product views and searches to checkouts and cart adds. This requires careful planning and detailed knowledge of SiteCatalyst, which not everyone has. Through Tealium, you can easily define your conversion events on the fly with point-and-click simplicity. Take any event on the page and map it into a SiteCatalyst event variable without changing any code on the page. For example, let’s say you want to know which search terms result in a product view. This is easy to set up using Tealium.

Digital measurement can be a time-consuming task, made even more difficult by dealing with complex SiteCatalyst deployments.  With Tealium, complex deployments can be handled with point-and-click simplicity — no Javascript expertise required!

To find out more about how Tealium can help improve SiteCatalyst deployments, including link tracking and advanced implementations, please download our free overview.

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