Choosing the Right Technology

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If you haven’t bought a tablet computer yet, chances are you’re contemplating which one to buy your significant other for the fast-approaching holidays. (Of course we know you’re really buying it for yourself.)

What’s the best one to buy? Do I need one that can run flash? The iPad doesn’t support flash.. If Steve Jobs didn’t think flash was important, should I? What’s the hidden cost of buying a non-Apple product? There is definitely a hidden cost of choosing a PC over a Mac. I wish I could have the hours of my life back that were spent re-installing Windows in order to get it to be fast again.

As a web marketer, you’ve probably experimented with the “low-cost” pay-per-click engines. You can get visitors to your site for just 1 cent. Unfortunately, when you look at the data, they all bounce. If you look further, the keywords they’re coming from don’t have any relevance. It’s better to go with Google Adwords where your 20 cents gets 1 good visitor as opposed to paying 20 cents to get 20 bad visitors.

In the Tag Management space, you’re making a decision similar to choosing the iPad 2, Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet. This requires research. And, ultimately asking yourself, what do I need to do and what is the best technology for this? If you decide, “I want my tags to load as fast as possible to increase my data accuracy” — then Tealium iQ is the answer.

Here’s what you’ll uncover in your Tag Management research. Most other platforms will require that you send everything through their processing engine. They act as the “middle-man” server. Besides being slow, there is a significant cost to choosing this technology: if you choose to go with a middle-man technology, the tag vendors are no longer required to hold up their SLA. They can’t hold up to performance requirements when there is a middle-man slowing things down. Tealium technology is different. We do not introduce a middle-man.

We invite you to further inquire about the technology differentiators between Tealium and the rest. We’re pretty excited about being the best technology platform available for your tags.

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