8 Key Ways to Optimize Website Speed With Tag Management

 In Tag Management

Website performance matters – even just a 3-second delay in page response can cause 40% of website users to abandon your website. And one of the biggest factors that impacts site performance is the accumulation of digital marketing vendor tags and pixels on web pages. Over the years, Tealium has pioneered many of the best practices in tagging and has incorporated various techniques  to minimize the effect of tags on website performance. 

Jamie Wells and Josh Wolf, both Solutions Consulting Managers at Tealium, recently did a 30 minute webinar on “Optimizing Website Performance With Tag Management.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.49.41 PM

Watch the on-demand version now and learn:

  • Why website speed and performance matters
  • The 8 key ways to optimize website performance with tag management, including specific strategies and details on asynchronous tag loading, script compression, tag bundling, multi-CDN’s and more
  • How to ensure your brand’s website is performing at optimal levels

Check it out today!

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