Video consumption is at an all-time high with over 213 million digital video users in the US in 2016. Consumers will continue to watch what they want, when they want, and how they want. Reuters predicts video will grow 14 times within the next five years and account for 70 percent of mobile network traffic. Whether your company offers streaming services for customers to watch their favorite shows on demand, breaking news segments or detailed product videos, you need the ability to measure and analyze these online behaviors in order to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Adobe’s Video Heartbeat data collection service allows you to compile extensive data on how visitors interact with video content on your site. When a video or ad is played, a server call is sent to Adobe Analytics with the video name, player name, channel and any custom performance metrics that you want to collect. During the video playback, frequent ‘heartbeat’ calls are sent to the Video Heartbeat service to measure time played.

Tealium continues to offer the most cutting edge industry advances, adding the Adobe Heartbeat Tag to its growing list of over 1000+ turnkey integrations. Tealium iQ Tag Management allows users to easily deploy and manage vendor tags, fueling your ability to take control of your MarTech stack. Customers can access detailed instructions on how to set up the Adobe Heartbeat Tag in their Tealium iQ profile and send the aggregated data to Adobe’s destination variables. Additionally, if your implementation is integrated with the Nielsen DCR (Digital Content Rating) plugin, you are able to configure those parameters together in this Tag as well.

The ability to capture this granular data is extremely valuable to businesses. They are insights into customer behavior that should not exist in a silo. To realize the full potential, the data needs to be easily shared and correlated with all your customer information across the organization and used to fuel experiences across technologies and touchpoints and better maximize ad revenue opportunities.

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Meredith Albertson
Meredith was the VP of Marketing at Tealium

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