Easily Manage Tag Loading with Tealium’s New Load Order Manager

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Tealium iQ Tag Management (TiQ) is getting a new feature! The new Load Order Manager eases the management of tag loading to ensure data is collected and triggered properly to deliver high quality customer experiences.

Customer data volume, velocity, and variety continue to expand with ever more customer engagement technologies and channels. As customer data becomes more complex, so does the challenge of managing the tags that collect and route the data fueling customer experiences. With tags being a dominant model of customer data collection and delivery, simplifying tag management is a prerequisite for maximizing business value with customer data.

By simplifying customer data management with tags, organizations can; 

  1. Increase operational efficiency
  2. Build out a more comprehensive and flexible event data infrastructure to power a single view of the customer
  3. Deliver the data-driven customer experiences promised by digital transformation.

However, one of the key complexities in tag management is controlling the order in which tags load. Getting it wrong could mean data isn’t available yet for collection, slow loading times, or worse— broken experiences.

That’s why we’re so excited to push the capabilities of our industry-leading enterprise tag management system, Tealium iQ, even further with an enhanced Load Order Manager feature.

Tealium iQ Tag Management System - load order manager feature

Easily drag and drop tags in the order you want them to load based on tech requirements. No laborious coding or technical skills required.

load order manager loading milestones

Simple interface giving visibility into how tags load in relation to common application loading milestones.

Tealium’s new Load Order Manager in Tealium iQ makes it easier than ever to manage when and how tags load, while also giving unparalleled visibility into that process. Through a new visual drag-and-drop interface, Tealium customers can now easily view and manage load order to quickly optimize application performance.

The new Load Order Manager features many enhancements: 

  • It intuitively displays all tags in the order in which they will load with key loading milestones clearly notated (such as DOM ready or Pre Loader, etc).
  • Tags can be dragged and dropped into the sequence desired, or set numerically.
  • Load order can be managed in bulk, and tags and extensions can now all be viewed and managed in one place.
  • Searching for tags and extensions within load order has also been greatly improved to provide a much more scalable solution for managing the load order of tags and extensions.

With the new Load Order Manager, marketers are more empowered than ever to collect and use customer data without competing for constrained IT resources that slow time to market. Less technical employees can ensure tags load in a way that works, making customer data more complete, accurate and ready to use for customer analysis or engagement. No complicated custom coding required, just use the simple drag-and-drop interface.

More technical resources, like developers and analytics professionals, are also empowered with better visibility into the order of operations. Changes can be made more quickly, with better governance, and without laborious development cycles, thereby freeing up time to concentrate on building functionality instead of wrangling tags manually.

load order manager enhanced search

Manage the loading of tags and extensions in one place with enhanced search functionality to make it easier than ever to quickly make changes.

Simplifying tag management means reduced operational costs, more complete and effective customer data, and better customer experiences. We’re excited to see our new Load Order Manager empower marketers, developers, analysts and even more roles across the enterprise build vendor-neutral, real-time event data infrastructure delivering customer experiences that are high performance and data-driven.

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