Tealium survey identifies opportunities for pharma companies to better engage with healthcare practitioners, leading to better patient outcomes

SAN DIEGO | March 14, 2023 Over the last decade, the pharma industry has ramped up marketing initiatives more than 70%, spending nearly $7 billion on efforts to better connect with patients. Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), surveyed over 400 healthcare practitioners (HCPs), analyzing marketing strategy and opportunities within the pharma sector for its latest report: The Future of Pharma is Data-Centric.

The survey revealed that tapping into consented customer data can help pharma brands better connect with HCPs in a hybrid world, as telehealth continues to boom and consumer behaviors continue to shift. To achieve this, organizations must better understand the needs and preferences of HCPs and better engage them across channels.

First, pharma brands must enhance their accessibility to key information

Only 27% of clinicians said they receive key information easily, and 61% said they have to seek out information about pharma products on their own. By intelligently marketing directly to HCPs through the channels they utilize most, pharma companies can strengthen relationships and increase brand awareness.

But, to deliver more accurate, real-time information in their marketing efforts, pharma companies must fully understand HCPs through connected data; which ultimately paints the full picture of their preferences and needs. 

Empowering the “sales rep as orchestrator” model connects the dots in a hybrid world

About 61% of HCPs chose to prescribe a new pharma brand when evidence of better, proven results were provided. With the overabundance of pharma-related information available to HCPs, cutting to the chase with campaigns that emphasize clinical effectiveness, are well-designed, and backed by evidence – including patient sentiment, research, and reputable media – will create stickier relationships with HCPs. 

Additionally, the survey found that sustaining the relationship between sales representatives and HCPs is critical. About 85% of HCPs stated they value their relationships with sales representatives. Further, empowering the “rep as orchestrator” model – which is a marketing dynamic that can bridge the gap between digital experiences and in-person visits, in addition to boosting access to data – can enhance experiences with HCPs in real time and throughout every step of their journey.

HCPs are embracing more knowledgeable patients who want more control over their care choices

Today’s patients are savvy, with many clinicians describing them as, “the activated patient.” Although patients are becoming more knowledgeable about medications and their health, survey respondents were split on direct-to-patient marketing tactics due to risks related to care including misdiagnosis and loss of HCP trust. The report also discovered a correlation between age and transparency; with younger HCPs having no issues with patients having open conversations and questions about pharmaceuticals directly. Where the opportunity lies is with patient education and adopting multi-tiered, cross-channel campaigns to increase overall brand awareness, while still leaning on HCPs to do what they do best: deliver care.


The use of virtual care grew by 6,000% since the onset of the pandemic, so it’s critical for pharma brands to adopt digital strategies now to better reach HCPs. Virtual and hybrid care is just the beginning. To keep up with today’s ever-evolving world, pharma brands must remain agile in their marketing initiatives – like adopting the ‘rep as orchestrator’ model and taking steps to better understand the future of more knowledgeable and activated patients. For full insights and findings, read The Future of Pharma is Data-Centric report. 

In 2022, Tealium released the industry’s first HIPAA-compliant CDP solution for the pharma sector. Tealium for Pharma was designed to create an improved, more connected experience for pharma audiences while accounting for the sector’s ever-evolving privacy regulations. Learn more about CDPs and how they can help organizations achieve digital transformation in highly-regulated industries. 

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