New Tealium Predict ML (™) makes it possible for marketing teams to act earlier on data in order to optimize business outcomes, such as identifying buyers that are most likely to make a purchase or a segment most likely to churn. 

SAN DIEGO, June 30, 2020 – Tealium, the trusted leader in real-time customer data orchestration, today announced the general availability of Tealium Predict ML, built-in machine learning technology for Tealium AudienceStream, its market-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP). With more than 30 million predictions amassed already, Tealium Predict ML seamlessly pairs with Tealium AudienceStream CDP to continuously anticipate customer behaviors – using machine learning to power more effective audience segmentation for better customer engagement, conversion rates, and lifetime value.

Amidst budget reductions and heightened emphasis on customer retention, marketers are being asked to deliver greater results with fewer resources. Tealium Predict ML was built with the marketer in mind and is a simple and cost-effective way to allow teams to inject the value of machine learning powered insights into their existing tech stack. By creating custom-tailored predictions in a matter of clicks, marketers gain insights into the likelihood of customer behaviors as well as full visibility into the data used to generate them. With these insights, brands can effectively and efficiently engage and delight the right customers while improving business outcomes.

“When focusing on real-time, data-driven decision making to optimize marketing investment, I’ve found there is a need to move beyond historical methods and shift toward machine learning and AI to predict the optimal audiences to go after,” said Amin Foda, Director of Marketing Infrastructure at Monash University. “Using Tealium Predict ML helps us build real-time audience attributes based on their likelihood to take an action and engage with them on the next best conversation across all identifiable channels at the right moments.”

The Tealium Predict ML general availability launch includes a new feature – Behavior Health Rating. The feature allows users to view whether they have sufficient existing data to provide healthy or unhealthy machine learning insights on specific behaviors. Based on the health rating, users can assess which behaviors to invest time in exploring now and which behaviors need to develop more mature data before including them in future models.

“While more organizations are realizing the value of data collection and insight activation each day, they’re also realizing these projects can be extremely resource-intensive without the right solutions in place,” said Mike Anderson, Founder and CTO of Tealium. “By offering a flexible machine learning product that’s integrated right into our CDP solution, we’re taking the complexity and burden out of the data collection equation, leveling the playing field for our customers and allowing them to really focus on how to activate the value of their data.”

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