Tealium’s collaboration with IBM Commerce enables retailers such as SHOP.CA to drive richer omnichannel customer experiences across web, mobile and offline touch points

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 14, 2015)Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management and real-time customer data solutions, today announced the ability for marketers to use the Tealium iQ™ tag management system with IBM Commerce solutions to more quickly and easily launch personalized marketing campaigns and drive more relevant omnichannel customer experiences.

Through a collaboration with IBM WebSphere Commerce, Tealium now provides retailers with a more centralized management of disparate marketing applications and data. Marketers can manage digital marketing vendor tags within IBM’s e-commerce platform to quickly create customized shopping experiences consistently across all channels, including mobile, social and in-store. Tealium iQ enables marketers to flexibly deploy more than 800 turnkey digital marketing vendor tags, which enable retailers to provide a host of personalization services that make their online brand experience more relevant to each customer.

SHOP.CA, currently using Tealium iQ in combination with IBM WebSphere Commerce, has become the fastest growing retail site in Canada and one of the top 10 most visited Canadian-owned e-commerce sites.

“The combination of these leading technologies, and the ability to use them side-by-side, allows us to build more personalized campaigns and make adjustments to our campaigns much more quickly,” said Gary Black, Partner and CTO at SHOP.CA. “These investments are critical when it comes to driving successful marketing initiatives and, ultimately, a successful e-commerce business.”

IBM Commerce solutions are designed to help clients understand customer behavior and use insights to help deliver highly personalized and relevant experiences to their customers. By leveraging pre-built integrations for applications such as Tealium, retailers can more easily deliver additional value and bring those capabilities to market faster to differentiate their customer experience.

“The value of real-time data multiplies exponentially when it becomes actionable,” said Mike Anderson, CTO of Tealium. “When a retailer can build a comprehensive 360 degree view of their customer in real time, and then use that data to create meaningful, rich customer experiences, that’s when the magic happens and more online revenue potential is realized.”

“In the age of the empowered customer, retailers need to react quickly to new trends and buying patterns to help meet their customer needs and deliver their brand promise,” said Adam Orentlicher, director of eCommerce offerings & strategy at IBM Commerce. “By putting the power of personalization in the hands of marketers on a centralized platform, IBM can help businesses understand how their customers behave so they can deliver exceptional customer experiences at every turn.”

For more information on Tealium’s customer data platform and leading enterprise tag management system, visit www.tealium.com. For more information on the integration of Tealium iQ with IBM WebSphere Commerce, visit here. For more information on IBM Commerce, please click here.

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