Tealium iQ Tag Management’s latest no-code feature builds richer customer profiles with more granular engagement tracking capabilities

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SAN DIEGO | Jan. 30, 2023Tealium, the largest independent and most trusted customer data platform (CDP), today released iQ Events, a no-code feature that allows users to better collect and utilize zero and first party data. 

Part of the Tealium iQ Tag Management (TiQ) solution, iQ Events functions without requiring  hundreds of lines of code and is both developer- and marketer-friendly, providing even more flexibility for organizational alignment and dynamism. As a result, iQ Events allows users to collect more first party data from even more relevant and unique data types and sources; build richer profiles; and offer enhanced reporting and conversion tracking of customer behavior that analyzes engagement at a more granular level. 

iQ Events democratizes the data collection process and empowers marketers to have more control and a deeper understanding of their customer data, giving them the insights needed to  do what they do best – test and create remarkable customer experiences. iQ Events is also supported by the TiQ solution’s strong and secure infrastructure that follows the world’s highest security standards. 

“Getting started with iQ Events is as easy as just a few clicks, and it provides event listening capabilities built directly into the platform,” said David Tawil, TiQ Product Manager. “iQ Events allows users to be very precise with the data they are collecting. In the data privacy-first world we live in, we want to give our customers the ability to take ownership of their data. Giving them this fine grain control and flexibility allows them to easily collect rich, clean, and actionable data in a responsible way.”

With third party cookie deprecation and other major industry shifts, CDP users are investing twice as much into their first party data strategies, according to Tealium’s recent State of the CDP report. In fact, the report’s survey respondents stated that first party data is the primary data source being used today, as opposed to third party data; a dramatic shift from years past.  

To learn more about iQ Events or schedule a demo, visit tealium.com/tealium-iq-features.

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