The Tealium iQ Multi-CDN Network

Tealium has created the world’s first multi-CDN network for delivering web site vendor tags quicker and more efficiently than ever before, ensuring optimal speed and performance. The Tealium iQ multi-CDN network is the fastest Tag Management Network in the world.


  • Improve the speed and resiliency of the marketing technology powering your web site
  • Ensure the maximum scale and performance of tag delivery to users in diverse geographic regions
  • Mitigate risks to data collection latency and user experience degradation

How a Traditional CDN Works

A CDN is a collection of servers spread around the globe designed to serve content, including vendor tags, from servers nearest to the online user. They are relied on by major organizations worldwide to serve a large percentage of the Internet content we see today, including text, software, graphics, streaming downloads, as well as the JavaScript tags required by many online vendors. The goal of a CDN is to have the content sent from the nearest server with the highest performance and availability, as opposed to a server on the other side of the globe, to ensure the fastest delivery. However, not all CDNs are the same and tests show disparity between them—they vary by response time, regional strength, and performance.

The Tealium iQ Multi-CDN Network

The speed and reliability of the CDN network plays a key role in a tag management system’s (TMS) performance. The Tealium network consists of not one, but multiple CDNs that are each optimized for small objects and tuned for performance. Tealium leverages the leading CDN providers such as Akamai and Edgecast—making it the only tag management vendor to use a multi-CDN approach for superior scale and performance. Each CDN in the network is monitored several times per hour for performance across over 30 regions in the world. For each region, Tealium iQ serves tags from the CDN that demonstrates the best performance at that time. This two-dimensional optimization guarantees that tags are delivered from the fastest CDN in any given region, at any given time.

The Need for Speed

Thanks to its multi-CDN approach, Tealium iQ serves tags faster than any other TMS, making it the perfect choice for organizations with complex requirements or multiple high-traffic web sites. Via this innovative approach, Tealium iQ creates a “competitive marketplace” for its customers’ tag delivery, so customers take advantage of the best performing delivery network at any one point, ensuring maximum scale and performance. In real-world testing, Tealium found this multi-CDN strategy shaved 100 milliseconds in tag delivery time over a single-CDN approach, guaranteeing redundancy and creating the fastest tag delivery network in the world.

The Advantage of a Multi-CDN Architecture for Digital Marketers

There are several factors that affect the performance of tag management systems, one of which is the speed and reliability of the network used. Performance gains are achieved using a superior network. Competitor web sites are only a click away. By serving tags at maximum speed to online users, enterprises can rest assured that visitors aren’t lost due to delay in slow content load. In addition, Tealium iQ offers precise control over online vendors and data collected in even the most complex website environments. Digital marketers can deploy new services, evaluate vendors, and manage existing tags in point-and-click interface, all while enhancing site performance. The Tealium iQ next generation approach to tag management, offering better design and superior network architecture, makes it the fastest and most scalable tag management solution on the market today.