Solution Brief

Tealium AudienceStream for Online Advertising


Instant access to rich first-party customer data and abundant market reach will strengthen your ability to deliver the marketing strategies and messaging necessary for successful advertising campaigns.


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns
  • Become more responsive to your customers need for timely interactions
  • Amplify your customer data by continuously refining your knowledge of their preferences and strength of those preferences
  • Access your audience wherever they might be with advertising partners that reach over ninety percent of the Internet

Solving Chronic Advertising Challenges

Gaps in data collection for visitors on your web site or users of your mobile applications can lead you to target customers that have already bought the product you’re pitching, which is a clear waste of your targeting efforts and money. Conversely, the ability to optimize ad spending based on more precise customer insights produces significant lift in return on advertising spend (ROAS) across display, search and social campaigns.

Multi-touch marketing campaigns have long been plagued by fragmented visitor profiles. The Tealium AudienceStream™ solution offers ways to create a comprehensive view of modern consumers who interact across all digital touch points and devices.

Timeliness Matters

Traditional advertising strategies are plagued by delayed batch processes and uncorrelated datasets, resulting in backward-looking analyses that are too stale to provide actionable information.

Tealium’s forward-looking, real-time approach to data collection and enrichment eliminates speed barriers by generating the richest source of first-party visitor data and making it available for instantaneous use in your advertising efforts. For example, a purchase might trigger customized advertising for related products while the consumer is still engaged in the same session.

To Affinity and Beyond

Traditional ad targeting is crude and imprecise, with little personalization or messaging. More granular, affinity-based targeting gives better results by leveraging your knowledge about your customers’ consumption of certain types of content. However, while affinity data might indicate preferences, it doesn’t say how much your customers like something or how important it is to them. What you really need is a way to measure the strength of affinity by looking at factors like recency, frequency, or the monetary value of interactions related to those observed preferences.

AudienceStream puts you in complete control of the business rules necessary to strengthen your ad targeting. Over time, the intricacies of your audience will continue to come into focus and fuel better segmentation and targeting strategies.

Reach Over 90% of the Internet

Through the technology connectors in AudienceStream, your global reach is well over ninety percent of Internet consumers in display, social, and search advertising channels. Tealium fully supports the largest advertising networks and technologies including DoubleClick, Google AdWords, and Facebook.

How it Works

AudienceStream allows you to create enriched profiles of visitors to your web site or mobile application. These profiles can be segmented and shared with key advertising technology partners. Lists can be built for the purpose of retargeting, audience acquisition, or removal from ad campaigns. Search engine marketing campaigns can also leverage the power of AudienceStream’s rich visitor data to deliver a more relevant advertising message. AudienceStream can readily share key visitor attributes with some of the most innovative advertising technology companies, such as Google, Facebook, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Criteo, AdRoll, and dozens more.